hey ive decided im just ognna cut out bread on my diet (not fully) no soft drinks or junk food and eat six small meals a day and one meal will be big but not too big right before i go workout or like an hour before. im just gonna eat 6 healthy meals a day and exercise.? hows that sound? is that bad to do cuz im not really on a “specific” diet

The time to have the bigger meal would be after a workout.

You decide now to change your diet not to eat junkfood when you joined this forum in August of 2004? :mad:

Haha Clemson. Sometimes hard to resist though innit! I think if you just go with what general conception of healthy eating is you won’t go far wrong. Stay away from too much starchy stuff though, like too much pasta etc. There has been a lot of literature with a lot of different ideas on what a healthy diet is, atkins, zone etc??? From personal experience and a bit of reading, I think that it just comes down to common sense. You can see a meal and decide if you should eat it or not. You can tell when you are hungry and if you need food or not. It’s tough though with so much different advice being around.

Just reading this, it is probably the worst structured and worst explained post ever!