Diet for Dummies.

Ok guys, i came to the realization that i got no clue about diet with the exeption of protein intake.

As sprinters what should we be getting daily as far as carbs, fats, proteins, calories and whatever else we need.

I really dont know jack and i am taking a class called nutrition and sport performance and i dont want to look clueless.

For simple nutrition and diet tips -

I couldn’t reccomend a better starting point than John Berardis new ‘‘No Nonsense Nutrition DVD’’
Title says it all.

Clemson has some good stuff on also and I think was working on a book/manual also…

You couldn’t get a better first hand guide than Nightmare4D’s posts here either.

If there is a good library have a look through anything by Colgan.

From another thread on this site. I really like Berardi’s recommendations. He’s got a ton of free info on his website - Check under the articles section:

I’ve had good results from Berardi’s Massive Eating/Don’t Diet Diet, especially when combined with an extra day of tempo thrown in during the week. Seemed to work very well for maintaining (even gaining) strength while cutting extra body fat off. I’m a former football player who puts on weight very easily, and must carefully watch what I eat. When following Berardi’s principles, I can basically fill my face with healthy food over six meals per day, still feel satiated, and still drop the extra body fat.

check out:

Massive Eating Part 1:

Massive Eating Part 2:

Also good reading:

Lean Eatin’ Part 1:

Lean Eatin’ Part 2:

For his “Don’t Diet” Diet, you’d have to do a search on the T-mag website. It was found in one of his Q&A columns, and is just a lower calorie version of the massive eating.


couldnt have said it better myself. welcome to the board but what took you so long?


No time to post . . . I just lurk and soak up the info. Too busy with school and work. All other free time is spent pestering “Numer Two” with endless questions and helping him with the athletes. I do throw my two cents in every once in a while.

I’m struggling to find the right ratio of macros right now. It’s an individual thing. Some people respond better to 40:30:30, some respond better to really high protein and good fats with no carbs (other than Pre/post workout) except every 5th day. Poliquin goes into this. I remember reading on the SWIS website, they were trying to divise a test so people can figure out what diet is optimal for them without having to experiment with all of them.