designing my needed!

Hi yall

can anyone critique me gpp?

i have designed this myself, but have not actually started it, since i’m still in my recovery phase of the season.

i’ll start wif some background info…

Age: 16~17
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 145lbs
100m - 11.87
200m - 25.02s
(These were slightly over a year ago. I seem to have underchieved this year though)
Standing Long Jump: around 2.5m (around 2 years ago - probably around 2.7m now)
Vertical Jump: around 35" wif a 2 step run up
Chest press (machine): around 175lb 1RM
Leg press (machine):around 320lb 1RM

Starts, acceleration
Speed endurance

Goals for next year
100m: 11.00s
200m: 22.5s

now here’s my gpp trainiing schedule…

Chest press, leg press, Olympic lift: 3X8
Abdominal/ back work: 3X10

Extensive tempo
10X200m, 45s recovery

Same as day 1

Extensive tempo
Same as day 2

Same as day 1

Extensive tempo
Same as day 2

Sprinting drills
75% max speed concentrating on form: 3~5X30m
Hills, accel. development
4~8X20~30m up a hill.

also some questions…

since my local gym does not have anything heavier than 50lb dumbbells, i cannot really do heavy squats, etc. What should i do to solve this?

Would it be okay if i just use leg press machines, chest press machines, etc.?

what about olympic lifts? would 2X50lb dumbbells be sufficient resistance? i’m new to olympic lifts so i doubt i can lift anything really heavy anyway.

also, i’m thinking about adding some medicine ball work, and maybe plyometrics, but i’m not too sure where to add it. or should i add them to my spp phase instead?

any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated it.

Why the acceleration/hill work on Sunday? I would put the acc. development on Monday/Wed/Fri… You can still utilize hills on Monday/Wed/Fri, Tempo Tues/Thurs/Sat, with Sunday off. You also should probably start off a bit lower with the tempo volume, i.e. 10x100m, eventually bumping up to 2000m per session. Do you have CFTS or the GPP DVD?

As far as weights goes, all I am seeing is an exercise for your chest, and an exercise for your legs, with an olympic lift thrown in. This is your GPP, you can broaden out the lifts a bit if you want throughout the week (i.e. not just lifting on Monday/Wed). Search around here, there are answers here waiting to be found.

If I were you, find someone to teach you the power clean. What gym do you go to? Why no bars or plates? If I were you, I would go somewhere that does have one! Machines are not the way to go for the lifts we need to help out in sprints.

well, da gym dat i go to is run by da government. maybe dats why their equipment sucks…

da gyms dat i know of wif barbells are way too expensive for me. plus they’re quite far from where i live. i dunt have da kinda time to travel there 3 times a week, so i dunt really have much choice.


should i still use machines? they are better than nothing aren’t they? or is it better to do squats, bench presses, etc. wif 2X50lb dumbells (100lb)?

also…i should be combining hills/acceleration development and weights on da same day? (just clarifying)

Given your young age, your performance level and your light bodyweight I think you can do plenty of useful exercises with dumbells up to 50lbs and medballs. Machines are a plus (or a minus, depending…). You don’t need to max out in the Squat at this stage.

If you are running short of idea regarding lower body exercises, check these: lunges w/DB, one-leg-squat w/DB, step-up w/DB, split squat jump w/DB (this is a killer…), various style of Deadlift w/DB, etc. For upper body you can do even more exercises with just dumbells.

Even if you are supposed to train movements and not muscles in strength training for sports, for a multilateral approach the following link could be of some use:

If you don’t have someone teaching you or checking your OL technique don’t do them.

My final suggestion is to set attainable goals.

Single Leg Box Squats - work your way until you can control both the eccentric and concentric to 10" box or so.
Reverse Lunges - 50lb DB will be plenty to work up to for now.
Bulgarian Squat (Reverse Lunge w/ Back Foot on Bench) - Again, 50lb DB will be plenty for quite some time.
Find yourself a Chin Up bar. After you can do 10 - 15 for multiple sets, use a DB between your legs.

My advice would be not using the machines at all. Weighted Push ups are also good. Any DB Press is good. Curls are also good, (if you want the ladies) but won’t really help you run much faster.

Good Luck

i’ve just had an idea to solve my problem!

what if i bring 2 bags to da gym? dat way i can put dumbbells inside them. i could probably fit over 150lb of dumbbells inside each bag.

2X150lb = 300lb

then i can hold da 2 bags while i squat and use them as dumbbells! i am such a genius! :smiley:

but what do u guys think? would this be safe?

What is GPP and where do I find this famous video?

I am pretty sure you’re not being serious, but if you are, that would not be safe.