Debate: Weightlifting for Sprinters

This debate will be centered around the rate of pause for exercises.
Two issue’s of business here.

Debate #1
In powerlifting there is an accepted theory of training loads. The theory somewhat states that training loads are greater when the length of pause is greater. Therefore a rule followed which could be considered the 120% rule. If you pause 80% maximum effort for say 10 seconds you will reach 120% of your max. Using this rule, powerlifters often alternate between CAT days (comp accell days) and overload days. There is also another theory which proposes doing them in the same day during warmups. For now we wont look at that. Do you think a schedule like this could be incorporated in sprint program. Why or why not. Every seven days following an alternating pattern on CAT training then Overload training. Both have different effects on the cns. The quick more explosive lifting with focuses on speed / decelleration / and explosion after a slight pause. Where as 120% overload training is not as focused on decelleration and explosion as much but more on the amount of time the weight is paused. Since both are different in nature and in the amount of CNS stress they cause. Do you feel we could incorporate each into a sprinters workout program to balance cns values or incororate these in a sprinters workout program for any other reason? I dont find that in sprinting this is done very often. John Smith being the rare example. Keep in mind this type of program still follows a gradual progression of 2.5-10pnds per training session. Would anyone like to comment on its use by sprinters. Its use by athletes. Or its use at all.

2. There are several elite strength coaches which state that CAT (comp accell) workouts should not exceed 80% of max at 2 sets of 4. I can see there point. Does anyone agree. I find with percentages as high as 90-95% have almost no bar speed using the CAT method. It actually hurts my overall strength. Wasnt CAT developed for speed anways. It is obvious that these coaches want percentages lower to focus on bar speed. What are the forums thoughts on this subject not exceding 80% of max for CAT. And training within ranges of 60-80% of this specific type of training.


Could you explain this, I don’t follow. If you pause 80% of max and then it becomes 120%, how are you going to complete the concentric part of the exercise? Could you state the source?

Yes I believe you are on the money there. I believe fred hatfield is the best strength coach in the world. He has extensive information on his website. Though specifically I would check his article on the 80 day cycle. Goodluck.


hmmm i just try to lift as fast as possible no matter the percentage

i like the 120 max idea though i do it from time to time after long lay offs to get used to heavy weights again.