D1 sprinter spike help

I’m a college D1 sprinter completely new to track. I’ve never worn track spikes in my life. I talked to a guy at a store new my house that my coach sent me to and he says to go with the nike rival S IV, because they’re a good “entry level” spike. I’ll be running against non “entry level” athletes so what do you think I should do as far as spikes? Is running in spikes that difficult were new guys need different types of spikes?

I have very high arches and wider feet.

6’ and 190 lbs more of a “power sprinter” i guess

I’ll be running the 100 and 200m and possibly throwing the javelin, but Im more worried about getting something good to sprint in I haven’t even learned how to throw yet so I’ll be doing mostly sprinting.

Any misc facts about spikes would be great like i said im new. I’ve heard mixed reviews on “plates” and such, this stuff means nothing to me.

We’re a nike school, I was looking at the powercats.

I would think it would be most important that the spikes work with your feet. Many of the top level spikes from different companies are fairly comparable. It comes down to personal preference. One of my guy’s ran in 2000 and 2004 Olympics. He liked some Nike’s, others bothered his feet. He wore a pair of Adidas and some Puma’s. It all came down to what felt good on the feet. If the spike is uncomfortable, you will not be at full concentration during meets. If you look at at websites that have spikes, most shoes have the same technology as far as plates go. They are pretty simple. Can’t reinvent the wheel too many times.

By the way, Javelin spikes are a completely different animal. Don’t want to use 10-200 spike for that event.

Speedcoach is right. You have to go with what feels best. I always had good luck with Mizuno and Asics. Not so much with Nike, but that’s just me. My best advice is not to overpay. You can get some good pricing on closeouts at Eastbay, Dick Pond Athletics and First to the Finish. You can get some very good shoes for $40 or less.

Thanks a lot guys I think I’m gonna go with what the coach told me. They seemed pretty comfortable and a good fit (I don’t think sprint spikes are neccesarily designed for comfort anyways seeing as you only have to be in them for a couple secs in a meet and >hour for practice) and they’re cheap ordering them through school. If I end up not liking them for some reason I can always just use them to train in this summer and get a new pair for the season.

ASICS Lite-Ning 2 :slight_smile:
I use the Rival S IVs to train.