Cytomax and Lactate

I’m currently taking cytomax as a recovery drink and it said that it reduces lactic acid buildup. If i’m doing 400m workout, and am training to increase lactate threshold. Would it be wise to take it?

recovery formulas as an acidosis primer? No way. Also the formula would never make money since people like good tasting products (much of the time.). Don’t listen to the hype.

So i shouldn’t take it?

Definitely not as an lactic acid buffer. Clemson, after looking at the contents I felt it was a good product!?! What is your issue with the product? Is it the just the taste?

Thanks…hope all is well!



Why is a GES (glucose-electrolyte-solution) product good for speed and power athletes? So water-sugar-salt is all that is necessary and the peak of supplementation?

I think half GES/BCAA blend like a grape smash of ICE and cytomax may work great for track athletes that are doing SPE workouts or for swimmers. More nootropics will improve things as well…of course a few adaptogens can help.

Interesting…funny that you mentioned that mix as the sprinters started mixed grape cytomax with grape ICE of Xtend particluarly on lactic acid days …It’s seems to be going well for us…



Clemson & Randy,

Are you recommending this GES/BCAA combo before during or after training?

Why grape? and what’s this ICE that you guys are talkign about?