critique my strength training routine please

i do 4 day splits with rest inbetween split days. strength training for my sophmore track season at my highschool. right now my main events are 100,200,long jump and im thinkin about adding in the triple jump also.m trying to increase my explosion out of the blocks and strength and my speed at the same time…

before i post my routine i had a quick question is it safe to do a track workout then go and lift???

my routine

monday-upper body

shoulder press-5x5
front lat pulldowns-5x5
back hyperextensions-3x4

tuesday-lower body

parallel squat-3x4
barbell step ups-3x4


thursday-upper body

db bench-5x5
military press-5x5
back lat pulls-5x5
bent rowing-3x6

friday-lower body

lunge squat-3x4
clean & jerk-3x3
hang clean-4x3

which phase of training is this?

umm explain please… not understanding what u mean by phase of training??

Well, Firstly the rep schemes seem OK. However if i were you, i wouldnt lift 4 days per week. At your age its more important using that energy on technique and repetition training…

If you cut that down to 2 days, 3 days at most for right now…then id just do the key lifts (squats, cleans, bench, snatch maybe over those 2 days and on the 3rd day you can do your minor lifts (rows, pull ups etc)

but it does depend what phase you are in. This means, what time in the year relative to competitions (how far away from competitions are you? ) This is becuase, as you get closer to competition time, some of your exercises will change to become faster, ie if you clean from the floor now, during competitions you may want to clean from your knees etc ect…

Also, yes lifting after a track workout is good.

o this is for fall and winter i have about 7-8 months before first meet of my sophomore season. basically im in preseason/offseason. once i get closer and closer to first meet i was gonna reduce the days i put in for strength training to work around my meet schedule

For your level I would keep the reps 8-10 for the first 6-8 weeks, you dont have to rush to get into lower reps at your age. You should be during tons of med ball and bw circuits.

yeah was just gonna say that…being 7-8 months out from comps i wouldnt do such low reps…

maybe for cleans, snatches keep low, but lower the intensity (weight) and just perform them for speed…

8-10 though maybe a little high for that long…( i think)

i would do 5-8 but keep intensity below 85% for at least 4 weeks…

NO problem at all during 8-10 reps for 6-8 weeks acc the weight from 50 to 75% over 6-8 weeks.

ok no doubt…personally i think its better to keep them a little lower…add a set in need be…but 5-8 better i think.

For a sprinter 3-4 sets is more then enough work.

so for the first 6-8 weeks i should do more reps??? like 6-8 reps? which lift reps should i keep the same and which should i change???

tamfb- i was gonna try to add some med ball work in when i was on the track just some light med ball work…

clean pulls
back squats
bench press
db row

seated row

clean pulls
back squats
bench press
db row

squats/press: 8-10reps
aux moves: 8-15
ol’s 2-3

whats aux and ip?? if u dont mind me asking… and this is for first 6-8 weeks??

ip = incline press
aux = rows, hyper (everything else besides core lifts)

so ur saying that i should keep the same sets that i have but increase the reps to what u stated above???

also why would presses and aux lifts be so high in reps?? i not really understanding that… i thought that reps from 8 and higher are for muscle and mass…

I said to keep all movements between 3-4 sets…

ok thank you for all your help, hopefully everything works out great for me…

Just remember less is more and to do the least amount of work to yield the most results.