I am sixteen and I was wondering if creatine will help you sprint faster?
If so, by how much?


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as well, you should do a search on this site for more information about creatine. There is lots here already. You just have to dig for it. If you need help with the “Search” function, lemme know.


I was reading in the net and I read somethin about creatine might cause cancer. I dont want to take any risks. I just want to build some muscle and get faster for football. Do you guys know of any good supplements that will help significantly?Thanx alot!

lots of protein is your best bet. 1.5 -2 grams per pound of boddyweight per day. ex. 150 pound male 225-300 grams a day.

So will this make me faster, help me build muscles, and it is safe??


The goal is not to build muscle, it is to gain strength, speed or power. Protein helps with muscle recovery, and a great many other things since our bodies are made up of alot of protein.

As far as your football training goes, do not rush anything. I coached an incredibly fast 14 year old for track who decided to start up with football (he was recruited). Only, the coach told him he needed to gain 20-30 pounds of muscle before the next season. Well, he gained alot of weight, but because he rushed things, he pretty much destroyed his knee. Now he is a bodybuilder cause he cannot do sports like track and football with only one good knee.

Be patient. I also coach a pro football player (CFL), who didn’t start football until he was 18. You have time bro. Keep it real.

thanx for the advice!!!