creatine serum

Has anyone tried creatine serum? I read up on it, and find varying conclusions.

Some websites state that it is a very stable liquid form of creatine, and that it enters the blood stream right away, and that it doesn’t require excessive amounts of water drinking like powdered creatine does, and that it isn’t hard on the kidneys like powdered creatine might be.

Other websites claim that creatine serum is not as stable in liquid as is being claimed. These sites say that they’ve done tests on creatine levels in the body after use of creatine serum and that the levels of creatine was actually lower than the levels of creatinine (a degraded form of creatine which is useless to muscles), hence supporting that this serum is not as stable as claimed. Also, some sites argue that this serum is NOT absorbed into the blood stream any faster than the powdered form is.

What info can I believe? Has anyone out there experimented with both of these forms? Have you drawn any of your own conclusions on these matters?

Would have to go find it, but this product tested out to have little or no creatine present at all.

I always thought creatine was unstable in liquid form and was worthless, especially after a certain period of short time…

it is. after about 72 hours i believe

thanks ironhead…that article was what I was looking for…ie. a study done to compare the effects of creatine serum with creatine powder.