creatine safe?

is creatine safe for a 15 year old? i already take protein shakes once a day so i was wondering i it would be ok to take creatine too

Why do you want to take creatine? To gain weight? I’m 16 and I took creatine for a while and its safe as long as your not consuming tremendous amounts of the stuff. However, before considering creatine I recommend you take a look at your current diet to see if you need to address anything that would prevent you from gaining weight. Finally, if you’re a basketball player why would you want to gain weight? I cycled creatine for about 3 months in the off-season to gain weight for football and I ended up gaining 11lbs in 8 weeks. But when I went off the stuff I lost about half of that cuz it was just water weight. So really ask yourself is this something that is all that necessary, or would that money be better spent on some other nutrition product you could be using?

ya ur right, i dont need it. Thanks

I went to google typed in “Is creatine safe” and as usual i got over a million results and this is the first one i got. Didn’t read it, but maybe you may want to.

Creatine is SAFE!