creatine and speed training

Does creatine help you or hurt you in sprint performances? I took creatine a couple of years ago and it made me gain about 7-8 pounds. I was wondering if I started to take this again would i run slower from excess weight gain. When I took it it did help me to train harder and become alot stronger.

What doseage were you taking? I see creatine as normally having positive benefits on me, particularly in terms of strength. However, I don’t experience the drastic weight gain you do. Creatine enables the body to resynthesise ATP more readily in the alactic pathway, therefore, any high intensity activity should benefit, as you can go ‘faster for longer’ in effect, enabling a greater training adaptation.

That said, I know Charlie isn’t a great fan as I think he stated it gives false strength, but I’m sure he can comment on this. Dennis Mitchell advised me not to take it after GPP.

Well, my weight gainer Serious Mass by ON has 1 gram of creatine per serving so I drink three shakes a day, so that’s 3 grams of creatine per day.

So far, I’ve gained 7 lbs in 3 weeks taking my protein shake. I currently weigh 165 and my goal is 175. It’s mostly muscle, and if anything, I haven’t noticed me slowing down. If anything, I feel more faster.

I still run 13 flats in my 100. But that should go down to 12 flat with summer training lol

If you’re running at that level I don’t think you need supplements at this stage. You will see dramatic improvements from simply training and improving your physiology that way.

I tend to agree with the comment about not taking it after GPP. It may allow resynthesis, but while some of the research shows higher (strength) performance improvements in lower body (measured by squats, as I recall) than upper body, much of the published data with actual sprinting shows an advantage for repeated sprints as opposed to individual sprints: You may be able to do fast 100’s more easily, but your best one might not be any faster.

Some top sprinters have talked about taking creatine close to peak racing (a single cycle), but my sense is that many–myself included–went away from it after warnings by US Olympic Committee and others that creatine was being spiked or contaminated: What we can’t talk about here.

From the newsletter

[i]There’s a lot of buzz in the strength, power and speed community over a new brand of Creatine. It’s called Kre-Alkalyn EFX by All American EFX. They published a report called Creatine Industry Insider Secrets Revealed: 12 Facts Every Consumer Should Know.

You can download the 38 page PDF report here:

[b]After reading the report, I’ll leave it up to you to consider trying this since Kre-Alkalyn EFX is the only patented Creatine that buffers lactic acid. I think everyone agrees lactic acid is one of the rate limiting factors in Anaerobic activity. And Kre-Alkalyn EFX is the only Creatine product in the world with a pH above 12!

We know Bicarbonate loading works to a certain degree… it’s just a matter of dose![/b]

This “next generation” Creatine is very convenient as it is available in capsule form, making it easier for travel. Also, no loading required which is the part I’ve always hated. If you get bloated or have an upset stomach from regular Creatine, Kre-Alkalyn EFX is certainly worth a try.

The other point I want to mention is if you are concerned about the effects of the by-product creatinine (not Creatine), especially during the conventional loading phases, then you should rest assure that the average dose of Kre-Alkalyn EFX is 1.5 grams compared to 5 or 10 grams when taking ordinary Creatine.

Now I’m NOT suggesting to take the same dosage of Kre-Alkalyn EFX as the study on Bicarb loading (i.e. 0.3 grams per kg body weight, or 21 grams for a 70kg-154lb person). The point is, if you are going to take Creatine anyways, you might as well buy a quality product and have it buffer lactic acid for better performance.

Take a look at Kre-Alkalyn EFX the next time you go shopping at your local nutrition store.

I did some comparative shopping already, and found most places on the web sell a 1 month supply of 120 capsules (2 pre-workout and 2 post-workout capsules) between $29.99 and $32.99.

Kre-Alkalyn is now on special at Affordable Supplements for only $20.99 for 120 capsules. It is also available in liquid form.

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You will find Kre-Alkalyn EFX available in 3 forms: 120 Capsules, 240 Capsules and 16 oz liquid.

If you do try it, please drop me a quick email and send me your feedback.

Jimson Lee[/i]

Anybody used Kre Alkalyne creatine (not necessarily brand above as there are others) if so what did they find versus ‘regular’? In other words did you get the results claimed?

That whole thing sounds like a giant infomercial. If all the supplements I ever took did what they said, the media would be interviewing me instead of Bolt.

agree, hence why I asked for any user comments