creatine and headaches

Does anyone out there have advice about not getting headaches when taking creatine?
I’ve tried taking creatine and noticed that I would start getting headaches in around the 4th day of loading. I stopped taking it for about 2 months and after the first few days of quitting, the headaches were gone. I tried cycling it again about 2 weeks later, and the headaches came back again - in around the 4th day of loading. After quitting creatine for about 2 months, I decided to buy a different brand. Well, it’s now the 4th day, and I’m getting the headaches again! This is frustrating! Does anyone have any advice?
Both brands that I tried say they are 100% pure creatine monohydrate powder. Also, I take each 5g dose with a tall glass of grape juice drink. My creatine cycle consists of taking the creatine 4 times per day (5g each time for a total of 20g per day) for 4 days - the loading phase, and then only 5g per day for the remainder of the 2 month cycle.

Im not sure about the headaches accosiated with creatine, never heard about that… But loading isn’t really necessary in my opinion… maybe you should just try 3-5g/day instead of loading with 20g per day for 1 week…

Make sure you are drinking enough water…that means drink significantly more than you do when you are not on creatine! I have noticed headaches sometimes when taking it and usually it is right when I start and when I don’t get enough liquids. Also, the advice about not using a loading phase is also smart.

ya, I was thinking of trying it without loading, but I read that loading was necessary. I think the article said something like, " the loading phase is necessary to fill or “load” your muscles with creatine " and than all it takes is about 5g per day to maintain the loaded muscles.
Maybe this info is wrong, but I’ve read it in a few different sources. Have you or anyone else seen good results from taking creatine without loading?

Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna head to the water fountain as soon as I finish this reply. Next time I cycle the creatine, maybe I’ll try “not” loading.

I think the general guideline is you will get the same results of “saturating” muscles after 30 days of consistent 5g dosage, instead of taking 20g/5 days… basically you are just gonna be using it faster, requiring you to go out and purchase more… I see it as a marketing tool more than anything… But try both and see how it works for you…

ok, it’s been over a week since my last post on this topic. During that last post, I had just finished my loading phase of creatine, and was getting headaches. Since then, I said I was going to consume more water throughout the day, while continuing on with the maintenance phase of 5g per day. Guess what? The headaches are gone!
Also, I’ve noticed that if I slack off a bit with my water consumption, the headaches start to re-appear, which confirms to me that water consumption can be very important during creatine cycling.
Thanks for the posts/advise.

Fluid intake is always the way to go when taking supplements, perhaps the excessive nature of these headaches may have been due to the excess amounts taken, as the other members here who have taken it, say not to load, so their exp. obviously helped, gj!

Is it ok to supplement with creatine while training (now-Feb), but when is the appropriate time to ease off? My first meet is Feb 4th… I will be using glutamine as well… thoughts?