Crawford and Johnson win in Busan

Crawford and Johnson win in Busan

Sunday 26 September 2004

Busan, Korea - In a rare international meeting on Korean soil which took place on Friday night (24 Sep) several Olympic champions and medallists competed to the delight of the Korean crowd.

Of course, as always, the men’s 100m was the biggest event of the evening with Olympic 200m champion Shawn Crawford (USA), who was also fourth over 100m in Athens, up against his countryman, Sydney Olympic champion Maurice Greene.

Crawford scored an easy win clocking 10.20 with Greene taking the 2nd place in 10.46. This was only Crawford’s 2nd career win over Greene, and they are 2-2 during 2004.

But the biggest star of the evening was with no doubt Allen Johnson (USA). Atlanta Olympic champion was the most covered athlete in the Korean press before the meeting and he didn’t disappoint winning in 13.79. Athens Olympic champion Liu Xiang (CHN) did not run this due to a start in the Chinese National Grand Prix Final on Sunday.

Athens silver medallist Matt Hemingway (USA), won the High Jump flying over 2.28m. Petr Stehlik (CZE) took the Shot with 19.54m winning mark. Joseph Mutua (KEN), won the 800m in 1:45.69.

On the women’s side, 100m was the best event of the evening. Olympic silver medallist Lauryn Williams (USA) was surprised by Debbie Ferguson (BAH), 7th in Athens 100m, who won in 11.22 before Williams in 2nd place (11.31).

In the 5000m, Meseret Defar (ETH), the Athens Olympic champion over this distance, ran a real solo race winning in 15:09.97, finishing her race more than a minute before the other competitors.

Lee Yeon-Kyoung (KOR) broke the Korean national record winning the 100m hurdles in 13.47, just edging Japanese Mami Ishino, who was second in 13.53.

Mirko Jalava for the IAAF

Top results:

100 m (+0.7)
1 Shawn Crawford USA 10.20
2 Maurice Greene USA 10.46
3 Gennadiy Chernovol KAZ 10.55

800 m
1 Joseph Mutua KEN 1:45.69
2 Peter Biwott KEN 1:46.32
3 Lee Jae-Hoon KOR 1:48.45

5000 m
1 Richard Matelong KEN 13:55.10
2 Yasunori Murakami JPN 14:09.85
3 Eduardo Buenavista PHI 14:14.75

110 m hurdles (+0.7)
1 Allen Johnson USA 13.79
2 Park Tae-Kyung KOR 14.02
3 Yuji Ohashi JPN 14.18

High jump
1 Matt Hemingway USA 2.28
2 Ji Jae-Hyung KOR 2.20 PB
3 Yuriy Pakhlayev KAZ 2.15

Pole vault
1 Grigoriy Yegorov KAZ 5.10
2 Kim Se-In KOR 5.00
3 Takashi Shinotsuka JPN 5.00

Long jump
1 Oh Sang-Won KOR 7.67/+0.2
2 Kim Tae-Bin KOR 7.61/+0.2
3 Ban Gi-Hoon KOR 7.59/+0.1

1 Petr Stehlik CZE 19.54
2 Son Hyun KOR 17.92
3 Haruka Niibori JPN 16.75

1 Sergey Voynov UZB 76.51
2 Park Jae-Myong KOR 75.63
3 An Hyuk-Yun 75.02

100 m (+0.1)
1 Debbie Ferguson BAH 11.22
2 Lauryn Williams USA 11.31
3 Lyubov Perepelova UZB 11.57

800 m
1 Tatyana Roslanova KAZ 2:05.24
2 Zamira Amirova UZB 2:06.64
3 Miki Nishimura JPN 2:06.66

5000 m
1 Meseret Defar ETH 15:09.97
2 Nozomi Iijima JPN 16:18.41
3 Shizuka Marumo JPN 16:31.63

100 m hurdles (+0.7)
1 Lee Yeon-Kyoung KOR 13.47 NR
2 Mami Ishino JPN 13.53
3 Haydy Aron FRA 13.60

Long Jump
1 Marestella Torres PHI 6.39/0.0 SB
2 Yelena Kashcheyeva KAZ 6.30/-0.1
3 Lerma Gabito PHI 6.21/-0.2

1 Jang Jung-Yeon KOR 54.07
2 Liliya Dusmetova UZB 53.36
3 Shin Bo-Ra KOR 52.91

why are the 1oom runners times so slow compared to what they ran just a month ago? you’d expect them to run better than that.

Sounds like most of these runners are well past their peak. The money in Korea must have been good to get them all there.

I don’t blame them. Most of these top guys have been running since January of this year. They should all be on the beach by now.

I don’t know about the track stiffness at this meet in Korea-

But I’m sure the track was substantially harder in Athens.