Craig Mottram's weights program?

Does anyone know what Buster does in this department? Does Nic Bideou have much of a weight training history? The Big Muzungo is quite well developed for a middle distance runner.

I only have 2 comments on the few brief moments that I’ve witnessed. He does medicine ball excercises,that is for certain as I saw it.

The second thing I know is that a Hammer throwing friend of of mine came running up to me saying “I’ve just seen Craig Mottram benching over a 100kg in the gym…and I heard them sayin he can do 120kg…thats massive for a distance runner !”

Thats all I can offer I’m afraid,but I’d be interested due to the whole Nick Bideau and consequently Cathy Freeman link.

120kg? He isn’t THAT physically developed…And what’s the point of a long-distance runner lifting heavy? It doesn’t make sense.

Hello Jumper,I understand that it seems disproportionately heavy,I’ve been in the game long enough to know full well what the numbers mean.When I was told I wanted to think it wasn’t true because its more than I can lift and I’m a sprinter !

When making up my mind whether to believe something I allways look at the credibility of the source,in this instance the athlete who told me is a hammer thrower and a complete gym rat. He too knows that this is mightily impressive for a distance runner,which Is why he was excited enough to come and find me.Anyway thats all I can really say on the subject.Its left me intrigued as to what his lower body strength s like. Maybe somebody else on this forum can expand on this ?

He aint big, of course. But he still weighs in at like 72ish kg’s (so i have heard?). Which is around my current weight, and my build i guess would look similiar. The other night i did around 4or 5 reps on 95kg bench. My best been 140kg but i was heavier and not doing any distance and swimming like i am now.

I would not have a clue what Busta can or cant do, but i would not be supprised on them numbers.