Cops to catch Xman

Media Credit: LSU Sports Information
Derrick Odom III

Xavier Carter

LSU football player Derrick Odom III was arrested tonight on a misdemeanor charge of simple criminal damage to property. In the same incident, a warrant was issued for former LSU football player and current U.S. track athlete Xavier Carter on a felony charge of simple criminal damage to property.

The arrest marks Odom’s second in less than a month, as the redshirt freshman linebacker was booked in late August on charges of simple assault, attempted unauthorized entry into an inhabited dwelling and two counts of simple criminal damage to property.

Arrest warrants for Odom and Carter were filed Sept. 11 in the 19th Judicial District Court. Maj. Lawrence Rabalais of the LSU Police Department said Odom was issued a misdemeanor summons at approximately 7:45 tonight and released soon after.

Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette said late tonight that LSU coach Les Miles had no immediate comment on Odom’s arrest. Miles suspended Odom for the previous arrest, but the suspension was lifted this past week.

“I don’t know what his knowledge is [about the arrest],” Bonnette said. “It’s my understanding that he’s looking into it. He tries to handle these things in a fairly quick fashion.”

According to the warrant, accuser Marla Bruton was driving on Sept. 1 in the West Campus Apartments parking lot when a “white vehicle” with open doors blocked the traffic lane. Bruton said she asked “the several black male occupants” to move their vehicle.

Odom allegedly “rammed” his body against the left side of her 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier. Bruton said Carter then jumped on top of her car’s roof “like it was a trampoline.”


Steven Williams, whom Rabalais said is a University student, then allegedly kicked in Bruton’s left window, causing glass to shatter. Rabalais said a warrant has also been issued for Williams on a misdemeanor charge of simple criminal damage to property.

According to the warrant, the defendants fled the scene before LSUPD arrived.

Bruton is an LSU Football Operations Center employee and recognized Odom and Carter because of her job capacity, according to the report.

Attorney Nathan Fisher represents Odom for his previous charges but said he is not yet representing him for the current charge.

“I doubt whether that charge will go any place,” Fisher said. “It’s unfortunate that this young lady jumped to a conclusion.”

The Gaffney family, who accused Odom of his previous criminal charges, recommended in late August that those charges against Odom be dropped.

Fisher said the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office has not yet dropped the first charges.

Rabalais said Carter will be arrested once he returns to the United States from a track meet overseas. Carter decided in 2006 to forgo his remaining collegiate eligibility to pursue a professional track career.

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Such nice young men. Boys will be boys. Who doesn’t smash in a campus employee’s car window every now and then?

It doesn’t really sound like we’re getting the whole story here. I think it would take a little bit more than being kindly asked to move to incite XMan and company to screw up someone’s car.

Yea those football center employees probably really have it out for the football players:rolleyes:

Then again, maybe Xavier and his buddy are just arrogant asses who take delight in destroying the property of others. I don’t know.

Hopefully this is not the case.

I have watched interviews of him and he doesn’t seem like the type of cat who would do this. Hopefully this is not the full story.

You’re talking deepsouth here. Local white prosecutors use cases like this for career springboards. There was a recent case in the area where a school fight led to a serious adult charge with up to 20years in jail. There is a march planned for the area if the prosecutor re-files charges.

Would sound reasonable- if there hadn’t been a previous case and the fact that they were lounging around in a traffic lane in the first place.

I don’t think that is such a real issue in the Deep Dirty South anymore.

I live deeper south than Baton Rouge, am white, and live, work with, and hang with people that are black.

I would say white and black people co-exist much better in the South than anywhere else in the country. Been doing it for hundreds of years. In fact the most racist people I know came from more northern cities to the south and never grew up co-existing with opposite races. Racism is much more isolated here than it use to be.

Bottom line is sometimes people do dumb shit whether white or black and they need to be punished for it. Sounds like this may be one of those cases.

So what do you think of this Odom guy showing up as a freshman redshirt and getting arrested twice in his first month?

Damn bro i totally agree i think the north has more problems then the south, but i can also see where CF is coming from.

If he is a redshirt freshman, that means he is in his second year at LSU, so he didn’t just show up. I have no idea what his behavior was like last year.

If he is as big a dipshit as some of the ones we had at my hometown university (SEC school that competes with LSU) he probably deserves it.

We went through a rash of players a few years back (before a coaching change) that were arrested for selling crack, assault, etc, etc. Many were convicted. I know a few of our detectives and the charges were legit.

LA is different than any other state in the south by FAR. It is known for being corrupt, especially in it’s internal government. That’s why we all laugh at what a joke of a mayor Ray Nagen is.

LSU is powerful (It was Huey Long’s stomping ground) and football is king there. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got out of it as long as it isn’t a HUGE criminal charge, i.e. murder, drugs, etc.

Carter’s dad has supposedly said (don’t have the article on hand right now) that Xavier will be turning himself in and paying for any damages to fix the situation. Anyone that has seen some pictures of this guy on his nights “out” should know that this wouldn’t really be out of the question.

On the LSU website chat, it says X-man was at the first incident with Odom. sounds delightful.