Controlling Appetite

Hello All,

Is there a way I can somehow control my appetite? I know this sounds weird, but I get very hungry in between meals. Is it more physical or psychological?

Assuming your diet is healthy, if you’re hungry, then eat! With sensible eating hunger should not be a problem.

Fats are known to suppress the appetite however, slowing digestion. You’ll effectively feel fuller longer, just don’t go overboard. Similarly, if you are limiting your carb intake, then chose vegetables as the source.

Instead of a chocolate cake and some biscuits, try eating a handful of porridge. Your appetite will soon fade! :smiley:

The proper question to ask is, are you active or more sedentary? Are you a track athlete that trains daily? IF you are, then you should know that athletes appetite are much more monsterous than the average sedentary person.

Next question is, how old are you? The younger you are the faster your metabolism and thus you can get away with eating a little more than usual.

are you overweight? Are you trying to lose weight? These are all important question to answer so we can know your goals and what it is that you want to attain.

answer and I’ll reply.




I am not a track athelte, however I do exercise on a regular basis. I’m 5’8" tall and my weight is at approx 190 lbs. I’m 25 years old and yes I am overweight. (28% body fat, trying to reduce it to ar least 25% even lower!) My goal is to lose weight.

believe it or not Chivas but the best way to lose weight is definitly not to starve regularly every 3 hours 5-6 times per day.keep the portions of protein small(palm of your hand) and veggies with plenty of colour.drink water,try using green tea also.28%bf are you sure this is accurate,anyway you did the best thing-that is getting the ball rolling and good luck–you can do it!

28% body weight is not a 100% accurate. I did some BMI test I found on the Internet. Should I be worried about calories as well? And carbohydrates? This is what I ate on Monday. Everyday is more or less the same thing. Let me know what you think please…

Monday August 18th


  • 1 slice of brown-bread toast
  • 2 brown-bread toasts with peanut butter
  • Small glass of milk

Feeling: ¾ Full

Morning Snack

  • Cup of green tea (no sugar)
  • Red apple
  • Water

Feeling: Hungry


  • Vegetarian sandwich (brown bread)
  • 2 V8s
  • Green tea (no sugar)
  • Water

Feeling: Full


  • ¼ cup of Cottage Cheese
  • 1 bran muffin
  • Vegetables (zuchinnis)
  • Grilled Tuna
  • Cucumber salad
  • Ice-cream Sandwich
  • Green tea (no sugar)

Feeling: Full (had a cigarette)

If I were you, I might add an afternoon snack, of move your morning snack to the afternoon, as blood sugar tends to drop and make you hungry around that time. Breaking meals up into snacks all day is another way to make sure that you are not always hungry and looking towards your next meal, because it becomes all too eays to snap and binge.

And I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, but I’ll say it again- smoking is BAD FOR YOU. I used to do it too so I can sort of understand, but the day I stopped was one of the greatest days of my life, and probably the best training and health common sense decision I ever made.

Nice post Krasnayafleur. To follow up on your other post…Sure our cars can be friends. Ahhawah…Blush. To follow up this post. Very nice point on blood sugar levls. I agree with small meals and breaking them up during the day. I like to get at least six meals a day chiva. A meal doesnt nessarily have to come from solid foods. A find that milk, ensure and other things can calm my hunger. Do you map your calaries out a day. You can try a zigzag diet assuming your training. It follows a scheme somewhat as high calories oneday low calories the next. Check dr.squats web page for more info. Is weight an issue or just appetite. Dr.Phills book is on back order god darn it. Goodluck Chiva.

I did some BMI test I found on the Internet

BMI is not an indicator of body fat! BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Having a 28 BMI is not the same as having 28% body fat. I have a 22 BMI, and when last measured I was under 6% bf. All BMI is is a ratio of your weight to your height nothing more! For example you could have a 190lb 5’8 man who is an absolutely chiseled 4%, and another man of the same height and weight who is a couch potato and 25-30%. However they will both have the same BMI. That tells you how accurate that test is.

I weigh approx 190 lbs. 5’8’’. I did a BMI on the net and it shows that I have 28% body fat. My goal is to lose weight and body. To slim down of course…

breakfast-drop the milk and compensate it with a pint of water,this will leave you feeling bloated and i hear water can supress appitite.

mid-morning-personally i hate apples,too acidic.try bananas/protein shake.make sure you have no milk with the green tea,drink it as it comes with no additions.

cut out the ice-cream and bran muffins for 1week.also what do you think of green tea,i’d say you are visiting the wc alot.just make sure your urine is clear,very gold usually means dehydration.

you are taking 4 meals per day,breakfast-midmorning-lunch-supper.

how about going something like-9am,12pm,3pm,6pm,9pm(5meals) or something like so to taylor your hours.definitly 5-6meals oer day.

hope this helps

I love the green tea. I bought it at a Natural Herb store. (25 bags for 4,99$ CDN) really worth the price. I rarely add anything. (no milk or sugar) But I do have a sweet tooth and whenever I get the urge, I prepare myself a cup with a little sugar. Just to satisfie my urge…

Is there a way to mesure my body fat?

Yes there is, but I’m probably the least qualified to advise you as to which ones are the best. There’s skinfold measuring, of the caliper test. This test however depends largely on the skill of whoever is administering it. There’s also bioelectrical impedance. This is where a signal travels from an electrode on your foot to one on your hand. The slower the signal the more fat you have, as the fat impedes the signal. ALso dehydration can slow down the signal, due to the ability of water to conduct electricity. There’s also underwater weighing, where you blow all the air out of your lungs and are then weighed. You’re underwater weight is then plugged into a mathemtaical formula, and your body weight determined. All of these are options, however some of the time your eye can tell you more than these tests can.

Agreed… at 5’6" and about 116, my BMI is in the 18’s, so technically I am hovering near the underweight cutoff… however, I am by no means skin and bones!

Chivas- Green Tea is great stuff-- especially if you can convince yourself to drink it when you would normally drink coffee, soda etc. Just make sure you prepare it properly (water close to boiling NOT boiling).

If you are from Toronto then you should be able to find much cheaper than 25bags for $4.99. In and around Kensington or China Town I will get 100 bags for $2-3!


Hey pettigr1,
is there a specific kind you get? specific store in China town? (i assume the spadina & Queens St area)

I remember reading on a website promoting the health effects of Green Tea that the relavent healthy things were present in both expensive and cheaper teas. Since then I just get the cheapest stuff possible.

There are a few stores north of queen on the east sie of spadina that sell Green Tea cheaply ($2-3/100). Health food stores in Kensington also may have it for around $4-5 for 100 bags. The “Asian Herb Store” (or something similar) in Kensington sells 100 bags of strong japanese variety caffein free for $8 which is tasty and wont keep you up.

The stuff that I buy, is Organic from a Health Store. 25 bags for 4.99$. I will, try to past by the China town this weekend and try to find some cheaper ones…

If you ever pass by Square 1 mall in Mississauga, there is a store in the new section of the mall called Bubble Tease. They sell all kinds of tea (already prepared to serve). They have Green Tea, with “Leechy” flavour. Its great!! Its the 1st time I fell in love with green tea, and don’t get discouraged with the word “leechy”. b/c its not the kind of leech you might be thinking of.
My brother likes to add “tapioca” to it for some flavour and he likes the way it feels, I personally dont. I always ask for straight green tea with leechy flavour, try it!

ps. its kind of expensive, I guess b/c its already prepared.