Concerned with shin splints..

I don’t understand whats wrong with me. I’ve taken off months, and theyre still here. They seem to be improving somewhat now that im in physical therapy, but something or things are weird. i dont think its really improving to be honest…this is unfair

Along the outer upper/middle calf area if I compress this area(imagine kneeling, or doing a tough quad stretch), the moment I release the pressure there is an immense sharp pain…but sometimes theres none? Other than that, it seems I just have some bone/muscle pain

Also, I don’t know if any nerve or blood vessel damage is present, but I have a few spots on my feet where if I touch them, the sensation is felt somewhere else in the foot, but its a weird feeling. I don’t know if thats so bad, but theres this one spot in the left shin along the inner side, about halfway down the shin. If i touch this, it appears that the sensation jumps down to around the ankle/foot and a blood vessel or nerve or something bulges. I can actually do this in both shins, but with the right shin the bulging feeling happens half way along the foot rather than the ankle in the left. I haven’t noticed all this until a couple months ago?

I don’t know if its the icing or wrapping the ice around thats caused those, but then again, i’ve noticed ive got a weird, dull nerve-like feeling along a finger too, the only one that I ended up bracing and icing…

sorry, just kind of concerned here

I’ve had medial shin splints for nine months and they have not healed an inch despite the cessation of all activity. I’m currently seeing a podiatrist who is an expert on this condition and he has been extremely insightful. i’ll report anything useful if it works

Thanks a lot man.

Seriously appreciate it