Coconut Oil

Where do you buy your coconut oil from? Also, has anyone else started drinking this? If so, what differences have you noted? Thanks.

You don’t drink the oil. Use it like you would any other oil.

You can melt it and “sup” it if you wash it down immediately with water but this I’ve found this a much more pleasant (it actually tastes delicious) and healthy (with the addition of the fruit) method:

1 WFN container coconut milk
2 tablespoons coconut oil
8 oz. frozen fruit (peaches/rasberries/strawberries/blueberries work well)
1 tablespoon honey

I don’t agree with that protocol…stay with berardi combos! use the milk, oil, and casein…

Well one tablespoon of honey is 15g carbs, I divide that into two servings so thats only seven and a half per serving. Since I only have veggies or fruits as carbs with meals I’m still staying well within the guideline.
This is just for me though and I find that its pretty easy for me to get 30% of calories as protein without using protein powder outside of PW. But for those finding themselves in a similiar situation I think its a good smoothie combo.