cns recovery?

Is there anything we can do to aid in CNS recovery after a workout?

I read on T-Mag (Chris T?) that said you could take something like PowerDrive as part of your post workout nutrition. Is this valid?

I’m asking because we have all these recovery methods for the muscles (nutrition, massage, ice, baths, etc) but I never hear much about CNS recovery/post workout supplementation.

The only thing that comes to mind is alot of extra sleep and contrast showers.

What he is saying is that an insulin spike post-work-out helps out with recovery. This is true, but you could use a variety of products to achieve this eg. gatorade, dextrose, maltodextrin… etc. You can go to a wine-making shop and get dextrose for pennies a serving or you can use PowerDrive and pay 5 bucks a serving. Which would you choose?

I have not read the article but an insulin spike helps with muscular recovery due the insulin driving nutirents into the cells. So intern the insulin spike makes out post workout shake/meal more effective and helps it absorb quicker. Im not so sure this has any bearing on the CNS though. Also PowerDrive is not just dextrose or any of the other sugars you mentioned. It contains L-Tyrosine, and Phosphatidylcholine. I have heard about this being taken pre workout but I am not sure how it enhances post wortkout recovery.

Contrast showers. If you have never done them, you will be pleasantly suprised.

What is the physiological/psychological mechanism of CNS recovery using contrast baths/showers???

Saunas and b-complex vitamins.

Yes, how can we forget b-complex vitamins. We spoke about this extensively in the old forums it hasnt been mentioned much in a long time. If you have access to B-vitamin injections it is much more benificial than taking the ones that disolve under your tounge.

NumberTwo, what is the mechanism of saunas in CNS recovery? I thought it was just for PNS recovery in that it helps the body rid of toxins?

Dux, the showers cause a dilation and constiction of blood vessels not not sure though how this contributes to CNS Recovery.

Yes, I am aware of that (structural-peripheral mechanism) but maybe the somatosenzors (cold, hot, touch, pain) contribute to CNS recovery when you stumulate them?

Pipe ? :o

Any of you ever tried 30min hot epsom salt baths? I’m curious to know if it actually aids in recovery as I’ve seen it touted before.

I’ve used epsom baths. I feel they help. They’re not magic but they are beneficial.

Did I mention the FROST product has a nice B matrix? :slight_smile:

I was told that saunas (not sure if there is a difference between wet and dry) promote a strong parasympathetic nervous system response.

how does the parasympathetic nervous system help us as athletes?

A parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) response, in most cases, indicates that recovery has taken place. Alternatively, a sympathetic response (fight or flight) is indicative of stress, trauma and/or activation. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but it gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

I’m putting together an article on this topic for Should be ready in a week or so.

PowerDrive, isn’t what you’re thinking of at all. It’s supposed to stimulate the CNS. It probably contains tyrosine, alcar, DMAE, and vit. B6 like several other similar products on the market.

True… Powerdrive before/during workout, dextrose/maltosdextrine after workout. Comparing Powerdrive with sugar is just not meaningful.

I tried my first epsom bath last week. Spent about 40 minutes in a nice hot tub and felt very relaxed. I drank about 1.5 litres of water during that time as well. When I was done though, I spent about 90 minutes sweating the 1.5 litres out :eek:.

The next day, I felt really tired … almost as though someone had sapped all the energy out of me. My muscles felt weak and tired as well. It took me one day in order to feel back to normal again.

Is that the way your supposed to feel? I thought the effects would be the opposite. Perhaps I spent too much time in the tub!?

id only spend 20- minutes