Cleans for Tall Athlete (long arms/legs)?

I’m a tall athlete with long arms and legs, and have been researching for and against exercises like cleans. Have been tossing up the idea of Hang Cleans instead of traditional Cleans due to the increased ROM due to my height and limb length. Charlie has stated previously that the speed of the exercise does not matter that much as it will never re-create the speed of the sprinting action on the track anyway, however, would I greater benefit from the Hang Cleans starting from a higher position in the exercise?

Hang cleans may load up your lower back since you’re tall.

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As long as you are maintaining proper position throughout the lift, then you are safely working your rate of force development, which I believe would have a positive carry-over to running.

As for hang vs. the floor, it’s really not one’s height but lack of flexibility that gets in the way.
We have several 6’6+ athletes who can clean fine from the floor. Several of them did not start in that position; we had to work them “top down” as their flexibility and technique improved.
One great exercise that our taller guys work into is the “clean (or snatch) pull to knee”. When done properly, it has been a great stimulator for the posterior chain…

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I am reasonably tall, 6’2 ish, and I prefer hang cleans, in fact I managed 95kg for 2 on Tuesday, with a 1RM from the floor of 100kg. I find it more specific, but I can’t really my finger on why. Perhaps it’s the time factor, that you have less time to generate the necessary force.