Chinese athlete 'whipped'

ONE of China’s top female distance runners, Sun Yingjie, has accused her coach of beating her unconscious, whipping her and breaking her collar bone during 10 years of physical abuse.

‘He took me to a room and beat me until I was almost down on the ground, then I passed out.’
‘My back is covered with so many cuts and bruises that I cannot even take off my clothes.’ - Sun Yingjie (above) – AP

‘What she said is nonsense.’ - Zhu Fengling, wife of coach Wang Dexian

Sun, 27, the 5,000 metres bronze-medallist at the 2003 World Championships, alleged in a television interview this week that coach Wang Dexian subjected her to regular beatings.

The athlete, who is currently serving a two-year ban but hopes to compete at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, said that she eventually split with Wang because she could no longer endure the abuse.

In one incident Sun said that he beat her so badly he broke her collar bone and left her unconscious.

‘He took me to a room and beat me until I was almost down on the ground, then I passed out,’ said the runner in the TV interview that was reported by Chinese newspapers yesterday.

‘He beat me, beat me so badly that he broke my collar bone,’ she said. ‘If that had carried on I could not even go on living, never mind think about winning the Olympic title.’

She also accused Wang of recently whipping her with a belt.

‘My back is covered with so many cuts and bruises that I cannot even take off my clothes,’ she said.

Sun is now training without a coach and at her own expense at China’s elite national training centre in Chengong, outside Kunming in the southern province of Yunnan, the Beijing News reported.

Coach Wang declined to respond to the allegations but his wife Zhu Fengling, also a coach, said that Wang had split with Sun in August and denied the charges.

‘What she said is nonsense,’ Zhu told the China Daily newspaper.

Sun’s allegations are nothing new in Chinese sport where coaches are often accused of being tyrannical.

‘Coaches only know how to beat performances out of their athletes,’ a senior athletics official was quoted as saying in the state press.

China’s most famous coach, Ma Junren, head of the once celebrated Ma’s ‘family army’ of female runners, was often accused of being too hard on his charges, but not to the extent of physically beating them.

Ma, whose stable of runners included 1996 Olympic 5000m women’s gold-medallist Wang Junxia, retired two years ago under a cloud .

Sun was banned from international sport until 19 Oct 19, 2007.

However, in December last year Sun won a court case against a fellow athlete whom she accused of spiking her drinks.

Sun now hopes to make a comeback for the Beijing Olympics and athletics officials said that she would be welcomed back in the national team after her ban.

‘Once the ban is over, all she has to do is perform up to national team standards and she will be back,’ China’s national long distance coach Tian Xiajun told the Beijing News. - AFP

Horrific. Coaches have a duty of care towards those they take under their wing. Physical abuse is never justified.

Indeed! Canada is restricted to financial abuse of athletes, leaving the physical stuff to the bill collectors!

Could innapropriate training - resulting in injuries be classified as physical abuse? - just a thought.

If so, a lot of coaches could be guilty of this!

Yes it can!

I remember the idea being thrown around that “Cross country” is physical abuse!!!

And travelling on an Athletics Canada sponsored trip with all of their useless support staff could be considered psychological abuse - especially as they proceed to drink all of the beer set aside for the athletes.

Then there is the coach who is guilty of ‘floor abuse’ as he’s been observed on occasions to be unable to stay vertical at seminars after partaking in the above.

may it got lost in translation: maybe it was whipped cream he was into? whoa

No, that’s in Aus!

don’t know anything about that. learn everything i know from frank zappa ( so i do not drink the yellow snow!)

and the chinese take on matters…
Coach and athlete fall out over beating
By Yu Nan

Long distance runner Sun Yingjie announced yesterday that she had dropped her coach Wang Dexian for beating her over trivial matters, reports
Sun said she once talked back to Wang’s wife, which caused him to beat her severely.

“My coach takes me to a room, beats me with things like straps, watchbands or whatever; while bellowing with rage and calling me an ingrate” Sun recalls, “he always thinks I am doing bad things behind his back.”

“He also cussed out my parents and accused them of using “irreverent words” toward him on a TV program and told me he would kill my parents,” Sun said.

Bruised and aching all over, Sun could not take off her clothes or bathe for a week. “Nobody knew about it. I couldn’t let anybody know,” Sun said.

Sun was barred for competing after being tested positive for doping at last year’s 10th National Sports Meeting.

Even though she was barred from competing for two years, and, she claims, Wang continued to severely beat her, she continued to train with him.

"Leaving is the best choice for me; I am so tired, "the runner said. “I have no expectations regarding my future career as an athlete, not to mention the Beijing Olympics. At the moment I am afraid that I could not live if I stayed here one more day.”

To Sun, Wang was not just an instructor, but also a father figure who looked after her for almost 12 years. “I didn’t hate him even though he beat me. It was only when I was out of step with him,” she said. .

An anonymous member of the Chinese Athletes Association commented that, “it is difficult for the Association to intervene, as Sun is now is directly under the supervision of the Heilongjiang-based Huochetou Sports Association, but is not a qualified national team member.”

“Occasionally, athletes may be chided or suffer corporal punishment for slacking off; but to be frank Sun’s situation is rare,” he said.

“Sun and I no longer have a coach-athlete relationship,” Wang said in a telephone interview today.

Wang said he pays little attention to the news, and was reluctant to talk about Sun. “I have already been barred from competition, so why does it make sense for me to continue to train Su?”

In addition to Sun’s accusations, Wang has also been accused of stealing the salaries of three Hochetou Sports Association athletes.

Coach strikes back: The truth will be revealed
(China Daily)
Updated: 2006-10-18 08:28

Scandal-plagued running coach Wang Dexian has broken his silence for the first time after being sued by three of his former students for allegedly embezzling wages and bonuses.

Wang Dexian.[File Photo]

“The truth will be told soon. I do not think it is right to use the media to express ideas and get what you want,” Wang said.

Wang has remained tight lipped since three retired distance runners alleged in September that he failed to give back their wages and bonuses. The matter is set to appear in court on November 9.

“They have a clear mind as what has happened. I also know the truth. If people lose their conscience, do you think what they said made sense?” Wang said during an interview with CCTV on Monday…

Wang was also accused last week by the 2003 World Championships bronze medallist Sun Yingjie of regular whippings. Wang has been banned for life after Sun tested positive at last year’s National Games and Sun received a two-year suspension for the cheating.

An official from the sport’s governing body said it was impossible to allow Wang to coach again. “Incidents such as Sun claimed do exist in some of the local distance teams. Coaches have no respect of the athletes and some of them even scold and beat the athletes,” said Luo Chaoyi, director of the Track and Field Administrative Centre. “We will not allow Wang to join in any of the national or international competitions. He is serving a life ban.”

Sun told CCTV last week she was commonly beaten and scolded. “He beat me with a belt after I contradicted his wife. It is the most ruthless since I started training with him more than 10 years ago,” she said.

He sounds like a nice guy. Next time i or someone else i know see him at a meet (e.g. Beijing next year) i’m going to make sure we are wearing 12mm spikes and stand on his foot - once maybe twice, who knows perhaps i;ll stay there for an entire holiday. :smiley: