Charlie, take us through a race

could you go through a 100m race and describe what should be the thought process.

I think you already have Speed Trap. Read the race chapter and you’ve got the best description.

Perfect example Charlie,

bud_mike, start there and then come back with questions should you have any…i doubt you will. Speed Trap is simply a great read that gets into the mindset off and on the track.


thanks, i have read it, will go ever it again. i asked the question as im having a bit a problem knowing what to focus on during my race as i getting conflicted information from people.

one says - move arms fast but down for whole race

other says- you dont need arms at top speed so my focus on that.

If you don’t keep your arm speed up you will loose speed and not finish as strongly

i only focus on my arms when i get tired in the 200, should i start doing it in the 100 too?