Charlie Francis Speed Seminars in Australia

Yes its true… it is with great delight that i can confirm the great man will be heading down under next summer for a series of 3 two day speed development seminars.

Starting in Sydney on Jan 6-7 we then move to Melbourne on Jan 13-14 before finishing off in the Gold Coast on Jan 20-21.

full details inc prices and entry forms will be released within days. there will be a 10%discount offered for early bird payment.

The format of the workshop will also include 30 minutes of Q & A time with Charlie after each 1 hr lecture for all attending coaches to ensure that all of the expertise and personal experiences in the room are shared.

On Day 1 the afternoon practical session will focus on starting technique where Charlie will work through the starting process with a group of current athletes of different abilities and body types.

On Day 2 the afternoon practical session will involve top speed or bend running technique
with the same athletes.

to register your interest or enquire about the seminars please email

NANNY :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

possible transscript of the conversation with my wife…
you know that expensive famly holiday in the North Island we have just paid for from December 29th to January 16th?

yes :smiley:

well there is a seminar in Aus I want to go to as well

riiiiiight :cool:

but the good news is as much as I would like to, I wont go the Sydney or Melbourne ones as that would interrupt our holiday…I thought I’d go to the Gold Coast one which is 4 days after we get back, see I am a considerate husband after all

you reckon :rolleyes:

actually the best bet would be to fly out on the Friday and back on the Monday so at least I’d be home 2 days…and after 3 weeks together you’ll be sick of me :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew I married her for good reason :smiley: although when I started the conversation with Darling she asked what do you want? :cool: …When I explained what was up she said…go for it and then started telling me how much her study and the kids stuff costs :eek: so if I wanted to then go ahead….just don’t pay for it all this month :stuck_out_tongue:

see we all lose out in the end anyway…

by the way love the angle of your attack might keep that one up my sleeve next time i need to go somewhere.

so i guess I will see you at the gold coast.

I’d be interested if I’m in Melbourne around that time…


you need to clear your inbox its full… contact me on this email


Sounds awsome, and its only less than an hrs drive for me! yipeee
count me in.

Can I fit a comp in as well. It’s a weekend thank you.

Will have to look to see if I can get there.

We Need Charlie In Europe!

Damn Right.

Any plans to stop off on the way Charlie?
Would it be something you might consider?

central europe…where could gather coaches from uk, france italy germany spain, east europe…

… Eire …

Not all of us can get to Sydney/Melbourne/Gold Coast during those days of the seminars. January is a not the best time of the year due to the demands of competition and school holidays.

There’s several days in between seminars; any chance Charlie could spend a day in Adelaide?

It’s only a mattter of flying in one morning and out that night or early the next morning. I’m sure there would be enough interest to make it worthwhile.

Coincidentally I have just got a copy of Speed Trap through ebay and read it for the first time. Fascinating read, especially about Charlie’s struggle to make ends meet in the early days of his coaching career.

Love to see him in Adelaide…around the 11th Jan before he gets to Melbourne?

Hi All

the official forms will be released and available this weekend. but in the mean time i can confirm the prices for the seminars…

$250 for each seminar or early bird payment fee of $225 if paid before Sept 11…

response and feedback from all over has been huge.


I assume there will be meetings as it is during your summer season. Any details? Maybe I must bring my athlete along - and he can pay the flight tickets with the prize money at your meetings!!!


SPRINT coach Charlie Francis is coming to Sydney to present a two-day seminar.

:confused: But coaches on Athletics Australia’s payroll have been warned off attending Francis’s lectures.
Francis coached Ben Johnson to set a 100m world record of 9.79sec at the 1988 Seoul Olympics before forfeiting both the gold medal and record.

NSW Central Coast athletics coach Paul Nancarrow is funding Francis’s trip which will see him conduct seminars in Sydney on January 6-7, Melbourne (Jan 13-14) and the Gold Coast (Jan 20-21).

AA chief executive Danny Corcoran told The Sunday Telegraph: As part of Athletics Australia all our coaches will be distancing themselves from these seminars. We’re not putting out a note, but we’re not encouraging people to attend. It’s a private tour but we’re distancing ourselves from it.’’

In so doing, they may be protecting their public image but will be denying themselves information which has produced all five of history’s 9.7 performers.

To quote from the seminar flier: ``. . . what does he know about sprinting and why should anyone in Australia listen?

``Everyone knows he produced Ben Johnson _ the first athlete to dip into the 9.7s all those years ago.

``But he also once coached John Smith [for a year in 1981 in Toronto] who produced the second 9.7 man, Maurice Greene.

``Francis designed the training program used by the third man to run 9.7, Tim Montgomery. And Montgomery’s coach Trevor Graham _ part of the team that hired Francis _ is now coaching the fifth 9.7 man, Justin Gatlin.

``The fourth 9.7 runner is Asafa Powell. When a L’Equipe [the French sports daily] representative caught up with his coach, Steven[sic:Stephen] Francis [no relation] after Powell’s first record last year, he had Charlie Francis’s coaching manual in his hands.’’

Charlie Francis yesterday told The Telegraph:``These men were after the training methods and that’s all I’ll be talking about when I come to Australia.

". . . I’d like to move on to teach coaches how to plan their training programs and how to make their athletes technically proficient.’’

Francis has also worked with an array of NFL teams including the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, St Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys.
He was also employed at various times with the Chicago Bulls during their golden reign in the NBA from 1987 to 1995.

Nancarrow said he has been shocked at the enthusiastic reaction to the Francis visit, with some strength and conditioning coaches from NRL, AFL and Super 14 teams already signing up for the $250 seminars.

Typical of A.A. They teach you how they think you should run. Not how the best have learned how to run. I coached using charlie’s methods back in 2000 for a season. One of the studants also decided to do a Qld Coaching Level 1 class. That took 2 full days. During that time he asked many Q.'s regarding what i had taught him as an athlete. The instructer looked baffeled at his Q’s. said that those ideas were totally unfounded and would produce no sprinting results. He responded by saying, “well, why can i run 10.99 as a grade 11 studant?”
her response was, “imagine how fast you could have gone using correct training!”
He was like, well, before i started doing that training, i was doing your style of training, and stuck on like 11.7
Needless to say, he finished the course but then tried to forget what he had just learned.
P.s. yr 11 here is 15yr old going on to 16yr old.

The establishment does not like torrents nor anything to do with P2P, well thousands people do it on purpose just to prove the point.

The AA establishment never had an idea how to run AA or organise high level coaching. Until the establishment experiences a revolution many Australians will continue playing footy or cricket avoiding athletics.

You know what? I would love to see AA condemning CF seminars.


Because anything that is associated with them is plain rotten. The more they condemn the more quality coaches will turn up at the seminars. And I mean the guys who know their stuff and who are willing to learn more. I doubt that CF would love to see old farts from AA only to get the money from them knowing that they would not pass the knowledge onto a new generation.

What a footy guy [ like CEO Danny Cockrun] would know about athletics coaching anyway? I reckon we need our own Aka to speak his mind when these sort of people open their mouth. I doubt that Cockrun would dare to debate any coaching issues openly. Would he know any?

I could write a few stories here but naaah, I’ll rather wait for them to die or retire and then we can move on onto better things…

CF see you in Jan. 07…

So 'I’d love to have you in italy…I can imagine Vittori, donati , track and national olympic commitee establishment…

That seminar flier is pretty sweet. Also don’t forget that Charlie makes information available to PJ who coaches the #6 100m performer of all time.