Casein question

I got some milk protein from protein factory. Not recommended by the way. So, my question is does it settle in my stomach? I mixed some and a little was left. It dried up and looks clear like plastic. What the hell?

Someone should’ve gone to protein customizer…

what’s wrong with protein factory? haven’t they cleaned up their act after what they did long time ago???

Customizer’s stuff tastes amazing, the prices are good, and they’ve never failed label claims. I don’t have problems with mixing and I use the 50/50 whey blend at 4 bucks a pound.

The tests for PF varies from very good to crap…I no longer support them. First they were bad, then they made strides, now they stink…stay away!

Ahh crap. where do you get the info that they failed their most recent testing? I guess I’ll switch to PC next month after i finish off PF proteins… I was really hoping that they cleaned up their acts b/c i liked their variety compared to PC. Thanks for letting us know. Were you referring to blended proteins or everything? I’ve never ordered blended stuff, just straight specfic protein in seperate bags and mix them myself.

Clemson, what is your opinion of Black Star Labs?


We’re still waiting for your answers… please come back!

“Please come back!”? You didn’t even ask the question a full day ago!

LOL. I’m fixing to go out of town and I dunno if I’ll be able to use a computer at all till monday.

bump… Clemson?


Testing a product is expensive and my friend does it as a third party tester for pharmacuetical companies…when I find a product that works and is clean I rarely switch to something new because of the risks of prohormones and the fact that I don’t like using my friends for what they do for a living. They don’t call me up every night for training info…blackstar labs? no info…all my bases are covered for supplements so I don’t look elsewhere.

Black star labs is at least partly owned by the same guy who owns protein customer. Good stuff.

update…Blackstar labs and xtreme formulations seem to be doing things right. I spoke with their performance advisor and I am impressed with what they are doing testing wise…(they look for mold and use a university to test their products). I may fly to check out their facility since I am going to a wedding in the area.

Very impressed with the people involved so far…

low carb grow! is 26 bucks on the biotest site right now.

I appreciate your point Clemson about sticking to brands you can trust.
But do you see any benefit in switching protein sources every few weeks as some strength trainers suggest?

Why don’t you vary your diet instead?

Why don’t I vary my diet instead?
Did you read my question? - What’s that got to do with it?

My diet is varied, I change protein sources every week, Tuna, chicken, beef, Turkey etc.
(I am even currently considering changing them twice a week.)

I don’t use many pure protein powder supplements … however some trainers reccomend changing protein sources very frequently as the body may develop a tolerance to the profile of the protein - whether that’s a synthetic or natural (meat) protein etc.

The question I asked is should we change protein powder sources ALSO to maximise the benefits of our supplements ?


Man, this protein shake issue is killing me…
I´m not sure ( yet ) but i think that my “mix” protein powder ( 1 cup Whey + 2 cups Soy ) is “giving off” my intestine.
I stoped use of Soy Protein for about 1&1/2 month, and now backing to soy, i´m “visiting” the bathroom 3, 4 and sometimes 5 times a day.
Does anyone had this problem ?

while you are on the jon from creatine and soy shakes…poor the powder down and get some quality.

I don’t vary the casein as I do with the whey…the training is varied and the recovery nutrition reflects what we do.