How Many Carbs Do Power Athletes Need Per Day??

Carbohydrate requirements are directly related to body mass, the overall training goal, volume and even more so upon the glycogen depletion of the activity. In general, most moderate exercisers consume far too many calories in the form of carbohydrates and elite athletes consume far too few calories in general.

Figure 7-10 g/kg of bodyweight carbohydrates for a very intense training athelte and 4-6 for moderate volume atheltes. In general of course :smiley:

maybe i’m reading this wrong, but its just not clear to me. from what i’m reading, a 190lb athlete would require 600-860g of carbs per day (86kg * 7-10g).

have some high GI carbs after exe, low/medium GI carbs a few hours after & limit them as much as you can withing reason all other times

it might work better this way, since 1. it’s really difficult to find this fine balance and 2. even if you manage it, it’ll fluctuate depending on day, sessions, etc…

wouldn’t stick with specific numbers and gr

hope it helps…

Yes, if you are an intensely training athlete. Adjusting the amount is dictated by the goal of the training cycle.

But yes.


7-10g/kg carbs
1-2g/kg protein
remaining calories from fat but no less than 10% and no more than 30% of total caloric intake.

Sounds like you think this is too much or not enough???

that seems like a lot to me. i could see if you’re a pure endurance athlete getting that many carbs, maybe more. but for a football player or track athlete, i would say thats too much.

Yes it all relates to the training. I would argue though that it is not required for an elite footbal player. It is with at least the ones that I have worked with as they tend to average roughly 4+ hours of intense physical activity 3-5 days per week. By intense, I mean most would simply die or quit.

If you are sprinting with adequate rest between sets as your most metabolically challenging activity, then you will be in the 4-6 range that I also listed.

86 x 4 = 344g x 4 = 1,376 cal from carbs to 86 x 6 = 516g x 4 = 2064 cals
86 x 2 = 172g x 4 = 688 cal from protein
Fat 100g x 9 = 900 cal or ~30% of cals (max)

Make sense now???

yes that makes much more sense now.

Hey, I at least accomplished on thing yesterday :smiley:

For a speed power athlete I first of all do not think 2g/kg bodyweight is enough. I am more for the 1-1.5 grams per pound rule of thumb. However Going by the 2g/kg and 10/kg lets see what I come up with.

I am 69kg.

protein would be 138 grams which is 552 cals.

carbs would be 690 grams which is 690 cals.

then lets asume my addition calories is the 30% of fat… is 372 calories…which is 41 grams I believe…

That is only 1614… Am I doing this right because that seems awfully low.

690 grams of carbs does not equal 690 calories. It’s 690 grams x 4 = 2760 calories. All combined would make 3684 calories.

the math isn’t right…690g of carbs is 2760 cals.

Thats what I did wrong lol. Ok Got it. So

carbs- 690 grams 2760 cal.
protein- 150 grams 600 cal.
fat- 111 grams 1000 cals

4360 calories… Makes perfect sense for me. And that would probably be the max I would need for my daily requirements on high intensity days.