Canadian university track programs

I am a senior in high school. My junior year I was the state champion of Alabama in the 300 meter hurdles. My PR is 39.93, but I expect to smash that this year. My 110 PR is 15.00, and I expect to better that significantly as well. What Canadian universities near Toronto have good track programs? Do you think I would have a better chance of receiving a scholarship at a Canadian university than one in say the SEC or ACC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are plenty of excellent programs in D2, NAIA, and D3 that you could compete at in the States. Have you explored other options besides SEC or ACC?

In general, there are no scholarships in Canadian Universities.

Right now the only college I am looking at is VMI, and the coach there is calling me once a week. That’s interesting that Canadian universities don’t give scholarships. I just don’t want to go to a school to find out their coaching is sub-par and not improve throughout college. What D2 or NAIA schools have good track programs, specifically for hurdlers?

You’re going to have to do some research on your own to find that answer. Look up the past few years national championships, conference meets, etc from D2 and NAIA and see what schools year in-year out have people qualifying in the hurdle and sprint events.