can you really run well running 2 days in a row ?

Just had a 100m race, got a chance to run another one tomorrow, should i skip it or just go for it ?
what can i do today to make sure im fresh tomorrow >? any chance to PR ?

In Athens 97, Mo Greene went 9.90 one day, then 9.90 and 9.86 the following day. It can be done definitely. Look at athletes running in major chamos and this is made even harder when they double up. I would recommend ensuring you warmed down properly, did any regeneration protocols you would normally use, ice baths, hot cold treatment, eat properly and rest up as much as possible. Personally I would stretch that evening also. I’m sure others can give you more insighful advice!

Every time I’ve run two days in a row (with first day being a fairly good one), I’ve always run better the second.

Go for it, good advice from Maris. How did the race go?

not good… my blocks didnt hold…

Can you access a second set of blocks in future to put behind your own blocks to minimise the risk of slipping. Here, the officials sometimes get funny about it, but I have had arguments with them over it, and normally they let me do it. If I were you I’d run tomorrow, use today as a motivation to perform better tomorrow.

Thanks, as soon as i read your comments i did a long hot-cold shower, ate carbs, took my ZMA+NSAID for my tendonitis and did some stretching…

today i ran 11.7 even though i ran 11.5 in a time trial by myself 2 weeks ago (and that felt horrible, i was supposed to shave at least 0.3 off it today) but that didn’t happen and im kinda upset about it now… i will go tomorrow though… i hope that I at least match my 11.5 from 2 weeks ago…

im not liking those times… i got beat by some dude who ran 25s for the 200m last week… somethings not right.

about the blocks… slipping wasnt the only problem… they were extremely narrow, and i have a size 13 foot… i was the only one with those shit blocks… bad luck i guess