Assuming you don’t workout early a.m, what is the best sort of thing to have for breakfast for our purposes?

I like to have either oats(boiled) or muesli or flakes (or a mixture of muesli/flakes). To this I add nuts/seeds (mixed/almond/sesame) & bran + fruit/dried fruit/syrup/sugar for taste.

Then Protein milkshake + supplements.

I have seen cottage cheese recommended amongst other things, but I don’t like the taste so that’s off the menu for me.

did you read my article?

Just saw a picture I think, didn’t read the article. I’ll check it and ask if I’ve got any questions.

edit: So the main thing I’m doing wrong is not sticking to P+F, P+C? There’s fat in the milk and fish oil supplements. I’ll have to read up on why I need to be doing this, so far it’s passed me by. I could switch to skimmed milk & water with oats.

So if training in the evening, first morning meal P+C (slow release C) and 2nd meal P+F, is that right? Then lunch more P+C?

O man just added EAS chocolate whey to cottage cheese and pinapple - two of my old faves joined to become a metamorphic symphonious delight of tasticular scoffulousness - check it out :stuck_out_tongue: lol