brain quicken

anyone heard of or used this product “brain quicken”???

Yes, it is amazing. I prefer BrainQuicken/Bodyquick to any stimulant or nootropic type product. Better than tyrosine, ALCAR, ephedrine, synephrine, arginine…better than Aerobitine or any of the other similar combos (Neurostim and the like). The only downside is its cost.

My ol’ faithful is 3 or 4 bodyquick with about 50-100mg of caffeine.

Wow that looks like it’s got everything in there. I remember an EAS product that came out in the late 90’s was called Neuro Gain or something along those lines that was supposed to be the next gen pre workout stim. This one looks very impressive though. I didn’t look too much at the dosages but it looks good.

One thing I want to know is where is the Gingko? Lol

I like it.
Good product

what does this do exactly, enable optimal strength capacity in workouts?

Yea, the benefit I notice is simply increased force output. I don’t think it really enhances my work capacity… just seems to help with power output.