Bolt: 'nuh cut nuh dash'

The Gleaner newspaper
LETTER OF THE DAY - Bolt’s behaviour ‘nuh cut nuh dash’
Published: Sunday | June 21, 2009

The Editor, Sir:

Let me declare, I love Usain Bolt. I love what he represents, I love his energy and most of all I love the psychological impact of his stellar success on Jamaica, the international athletics community and the world. I have been so inspired that I have written two poems in tribute to Bolt.

However, I was quite disappointed on seeing his antics at the main press conference before the Ostrava Golden Spike event in the Czech Republic a few days ago.

C’mon Mr Bolt, clowning around, and upstaging the person who has the floor in the middle of a press conference ‘nuh cut nuh dash’. It is disrespectful to the speaker, embarrassing and makes you seem like a media hog, which is not necessary when you are already a media darling.

Mr Bolt, I love your dancing, I love the youthful spirit which you embody, but sense of occasion and appropriate behaviour must obtain. Your handlers need to step in and guide you. As ol time Jamaican country people would say ‘Tikya’ (take care), for the same people who laugh and ‘kikiki’ and think the behaviour is cute will be the same ones who will eventually crucify you.

Usain, I know you have to ‘do yuh ting’ but remember a whole country is depending on you.

I am, etc.,