Bodyweight Lost

I have lost 2kg (4.5lbs) in weight this week.

Yes I am eating less - not a lot less.

I am not training, but am having 3 treatments a week from chiropractor, spending 3 hours a day on Universoty assignments and working 8 hours a day.

So the extra stress of chirpractor treatment (just started) is that likely to push my bodyweight down.

Perhaps I’m not drinking enough water.

Any comments.

i find any swings that big, either way, are water based. your electrolytes could be off, and jsut drinking water may not help and could possibly make it worse.

have you cut out either artifical sweetners, creatine or sodium recently? if i eat something salty (i normally pretty low soduim diet) i can put on 3 or 4 pounds overnight, esp if its pizza along with a coke or 2. so i think the same can be true the other way, when i cut out sweetners, creatine and cut my carbs i dropped a good chunk of weight pretty quick.

if it persists at this pace, i would worry, all other things being equal, the weight loss should slow down to a normal (well normal for you, what ever that may be).

Thanks nightmare.

I don’t add any artifical sweetners, creatine or sodium to meals at all.

I will keep an eye on it for next week or so.


N4d, are you sure that artificial sweetners make you hold fluid?

What do you guys think: Is it possible to lose body weight without losing ANY muscle mass? Any experiences?

Whenever I lose weight quickly, it doesn’t appear that my muscle hypertrophy fades, but I guess it’s hard to tell just with your eyes…