body fat, again

i know there was another thread on this, but i want to ask if anyone is familiar with appropriate BF% for females…

i won’t get detailed, but in the past ive had disruptions which people thought were caused by lack of body fat. i also get deeply cold really easily, and have a lot of trouble getting warm again. i don’t really feel like i look like i need more fat, and sometimes i think that i could do with less. my levels are all over the place with the caliper test- is there a certain point i should not dip below, even if i’m not going to be having kids anytime soon?

I have heard of 15 down to 9% for female athletes but all bodyfat stuff should be on one thread. With females, I might be more hesitant to give info on bodyfat becuase women might have any variety of reason why they might want to lose fat, (but nobody else answered your question.) There is also the scenario that many women are far more naturally lean than others.

A variety of reason’s is correct. Such as fertility. Most dr’s believe women should be above 12-14% bodyfat to make sure fertility is safe.

Jana Pitman is reportedly 5% bodyfat…

and single now too!!!