between track work and weights

I usually start multi practice at 1:30, run at 3:00, and start lifting around 5:00 up until 6:00. I was wondering if would would be best to eat something small or drink some powerade between running and lifting and have a post workout drink after lifiting, or if would be best to wait until after lifting and just use a post workout drink?

I wouldn’t have powerade no matter what you do. I think you could tdo it on a day by day basis, if its a really hard sprint practice do PWD afterwards and just eat a mean after the weights or the other way around with a smaller meal.

i would tend to disagree in this situation. i like having powerade in between my events at track meets, inbetween games in volleyball and basketball tournaments, and find no problems with it. i might be inclined to have a yogurt or something as well just to satisfy my constant hunger. but then again, i lift rigth after my sprinting so…i dont have to.