Best Multi Vit.

Hi all,
I was just wondering what Multi Vit product you all recommend. My diet is not balanced at all so i really need a good one.
At the moment im taking Berocca but dont really find it good or bad, I’ve never really noticed a multivit to do anything for me.
It has
500mg VitC,
15ng B1 & B2
50mg B3
23mg B5
10mg B6
10mcg B12
400mcg folic acid
150mcg Biotin
100mg Calcium
100mg Magnesium
10mg Zinc

Is this a good product to take solely or should i take another too? Anyone recommend any online retailers?

I also take zma (off it now for a few weeks) and a whey/creatine product called maximuscle cyclone

I don’t take a Multi any more.

Just eat good food and use targetted isolated vits if you must.

Try someone else other than Maximuscle

I take ZMA and FROST.

I’m also a ZMA and FROST guy.

I love ZMA

… if simply for the dreams

If I’m anyway screwed after a few hard sessions my dreams are so vivid and I never dream normally when I’m not on it.

ya i was having some funny ones on zma.
its impossible for me to eat a balanced diet and not get fat. slowest metabolism ever plus being a greedy bast@rd if i go to the shop i end up buying loads of crap and eat a weeks worth in one sitting. if i dont have food in the house im fine but if i have it i eat it.

the cyclone is the best stuff on the market bar none and i’ve tried a good few. its also by far the nicest. i love the stuff. banana is nicer than anything you’d find in a shop or juice bar!!
only thing is its so expensive. i got 7 tubs cheap so thats the only reason im on it.
im dreading going back to th old ON crap. tastes like dirt mixed with sawdust and puke

I use Usana, ZMA and Liver pills

^^^I’ve been preaching liver for a while. Greatly increases my capacity, so much so that I have to watch how much I take. If I take too much and do too little I can’t get to sleep.

Re ZMA dreams – from the show Good Times:

“J.J., wake up, it’s time to go to school”

“Aw, Ma, I was just gettin to the Supremes --and I don’t mean one at a time!”

“J.J., if the Supremes really love you – they’ll be back tonight!”

Wellmans! great product

I used liver pills years ago and they made my vision blurry.