Best Hamstring injury preventer.

What is the best supplementary exercise for decreasing chance of hamstring injury?

Mach drills on track?
stiff leg deadlifts?
Reverse Hypers?
Leg curls?

I’m only interested from the point of decreasing chance of injuring hamstrings. As I don’t believe any of the above exercises are particularly usefull at improving running speed. I have injured my right lower-mid hamstring. I stopped weight training 2 weaks ago, and started stretching more a weak ago. I then go an injur my hamstring 2 days ago after a series of sprints. Go figure.

I would say all of the above have a place in a program to help strengthen the hamstring muscle group. Obviously you want to work hip extension first (reverse hyper, rdl, sldl, etc).

Sorry about the ham injury. Check out the “Definitive Hamstring Recovery” thread for some info on treatment and recovery. I think that is what it’s called, but correct me if I’m wrong. Good luck.

an exercise is not going to help prevent injury. you have to understand the nature of injury and then train in a manner that will help achieve your goal. doing a hamstring curl does almost nothing more for preventative training than a glute ham and vice versa. injury occurs when the tissue is unable to absorb the force generated by ground contact 9the acceleration of the limb by the individual and the gravitational forces on the body) or when motor patterns are incorrect. either way it is a neurological problem of training the body to move ballistically (enhancing the feed-forward system) and to absorb the high level of forces experienced during a sprint. so you can see there is no magic exercise, no straight answer, but theory that must be applied to your given situation.

That didn’t help. Even though you may have posted a very knowladgeable point, it does not help me.

is that your way of asking for help?

actually i did help you. i pointed out that a single excercise was not going to do much to solve your problem. had i not told you that you would have proceeded in error and been stuck with the same problem. and, if you look at my post everything you need to figure your problem out is there. i told you what you needed to do. but you want me to lay down a program yes? your a smart person apply the theory to the problem knowing what the nature of injury is and how to overcome it. seems simple to me.

o yea and if this comes off arrogant and sounds like it was written by an asshole, it is. i did this on purpose, people need to start thinking for themselves. your never going to progress if you wait for people to hand you everything, the search for the knowledge is just as important as the knowledge itself as it teachs you what to do with said knowledge, how to manipulate itm how to own it. to own a thing mean to have complete control over it to be able to mold it to fit your needs and your will.

think you can do it and the results will be all the more rewarding.


I would say that good planning and athlete self awareness are the most important injury prevention factors. Again, not what you are looking for but in my experience it really makes a big difference.

i dont see what the big deal is with people asking for a format for there workout. yea you can do all the research but for some people its hard to understand. they need someone to put it in black and white for them.

Yea James that was an awesome answer but the problem is he doesnt understand it. Im sure it gets bothersome making a workout for someone all the time but if i had the kind of knowledge and understanding some of you people have i’d have no problem doing it.

i think the best thing u can do is to bring along work capacity, recovery, and prehab as much as possible (things like low intensity activities to flush to hammies with blood, stretches post workout, in ur assitance exercises more volume versus intensity)

I present my answer in the form that I did for a specific reason. eventually there wont be anyone to give you a black and white answer and by being able to take information think about it and assimilate it and manipulate it is critical if you want to stand out from the crowd. knowledge isn’t power, the ability to manipulate the knowledge to conform to your will is. but perhaps I am expecting to much out of others, just know that I hold myself to the same standards. I was where you were I read the books I read the studies I experimented on my own body and I considered the implications.

ehhh screw it cause I like ya so much,

do iso holds in the lunge position - front leg parallel to the ground pulling into the ground with the hamstring rear leg extending the leg with the hip flexor (sounds weird I know). do this til you can hold for 5 min it will teach you the proper motor patterns for efficient movement.

do altitude drops landing in the lunge position described above. start low and progressively work your way to higher heights. you should be able to efficiently absorb the force generated from the fall. this means stopping sharply.

rebound and altitude drop glute ham raises.

maximal squats

that should help sorry no silver platter though…

James, When you are able to hold an iso lunge hold for 5 minutes, do you begin to add weight or do you start off using barbell or dumbells to begin with?

James is a cool guy…im givin ya a thumbs up

yes you can (dumbells seem to work a little better) but remember form is the most important.

what bout the 400 glut hams?


whats your opinion on doing these iso lunges on a vibration platform?..granted, it would be tough to go 5 minutes but 2 minutes on a vibration platform might equal 5 off platform?

My advice is don’t overdo it. 5 sets of 30s with 1min off IS ENOUGH!

James, I apolagize for comming across as rude. I admit, my first response was a little rude, it was my way of hopefully getting you to come back and post a bit more in this thread. and thankyou for doing so. There are not many people that can spice up a thread like this, but you are one of them, and if you don’t mind me playing the asshole, I tugged you along just a little. I appreciate your response a great deal

Now… here’s my problem…

I have I would say, “grade B” knowladge. Quite high, but not as high as some. Sometimes I have not seen “the wood for the trees”. There is so much knowladge out there! My current thinking was to move away from weight training, becuase sprinting makes me feel stronger than what lifting weights does. It also does more for my muscularity than lifting weights. I also consider Carl Lewis and Bob Hayes who did not lift weights when they were sprinters, same as Kim Collins. (That dam Carl Lewis, he was so good.) Yet they suffered no more hammy injuries than Ben Johnson, Mo Green or MJ. So I’m really wondering if lifting the weights is the best way to decrease chance of hammy injury. In saying that, I like the weights exercizes you listed.
However, I’m wondering if a 5 minute isometric hold may cuase some ATROPHY. Seeing as I am ectomorphic legs, ATROPHY is the last thing I want. That much blood flow and oxygen to the fibres, plus the duration may cuase ATROPHY in some peoples muscles. It’s weird, endurance stuff. Some people grow from it, others loose size, a concern for the lower body ectomorph.
I will try it though, becuase the exercize sounds good. I will see if it works for me. :slight_smile:

what about them?

i would say there is a benefit but your trying to complicate something that shouldnt be. stick to what i advised if you wish to get the desired effect. no it would not be equal but i am not saying tha it would have no benefit, simply that the benefit will most likly be for development of other traits.

i will address this after i get a little rest ive been up for about 36 hours and just got off a 7 hours plane flight.

if you have access to weights you should use them bottom line. if i had two identical athletes and one couldnt lift i can promise you i could get more rapid development out of the one that does. ofcourse it all comes down to knowing what you are doing and understanding that all weightlifting is not made equal. if you train like bodybuilder or powerlifter your not going to get the proper adaptaion.

your not going to atrophy by perfroming iso holds. and they are not endurance movements, atleast not how you suppose. the movement causes a restriction in blood flow and oxygen. also dont try to view this through bodybuilding terms such as ectomorph and endomorph these are bodybuilding terms/constructs and really have no physiologcal basis. i no it seems small to be harping on a term but the fact that you used it tells me that your not viewing training as it truely should be properly.