BELEM, BRAZIL: Demus Shines; Tyler 44.7


Demus shines in Belem
Sunday 22 May 2005
Belem, Brazil - American Lashinda Demus recorded the best performance of the 21st Edition of the “Grande Prêmio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo” - IAAF Grand Prix - held this Sunday, 22 May at the “Estádio Mangueirão”, in Belém, State of Pará, in front of a 35,030 crowd.

400m Hurdles - World season lead

Lashinda Demus (USA)
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Demus, 22, who is currently 10th in her event in the IAAF World Rankings took the victory in the women’s 400m Hurdles in a world season’s leading time of 53.56, leaving behind compatriot Sandra Glover, who had the previous best time of the year. Glover, who is World Ranked second, was runner-up in 54.09, just 8/100 over her season’s best, and Brazilian Lucimar Teodoro, in third in 56.34. Demus seemed always in control, motivated, and eager to compete against a rival of her calibre, after two easy victories in Rio and Fortaleza.

Demus closed a great week in Brazil. On 15 May, she won the IAAF GP II in Rio de Janeiro in 54.60. Then she took the victory in Fortaleza on 18 May in 54.36, and finally produced her Belém triumph with the excellent time of 53.56.

Smith and Adams-Vili extend winning streaks

Jamaican Trecia-Kaye Smith wins the women’s Triple Jump in Belem
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Only four field events were held in the meeting, but in spite of the small quantity, Belém gave plenty of quality.

Jamaican Trecia-Kaye Smith won the women’s Triple Jump with an excellent result of 14.81m (1.7m/s). Two jumps were enough for the 29-year-old who opened with 14.63m (1.7) and then followed with a second effort of 14.81. After that, the Jamaican called it a day, and passed her remaining attempts. Her compatriot Suzette Lee was second with 14.08m (-0.3).

New Zealander Valerie Adams-Vili reconfirmed her wonderful form by taking another victory in the women’s Shot Put over Olympic champion Yumileidi Cumbá of Cuba, and showing consistency over 19 metres.

Jadel Gregório triple jumping in Belem
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The 21 year-old captured first place with a put of 19.41m, 11 centimetres short of her world season’s lead and national record, achieved last Sunday (15 May) in Rio. The mark is Adams-Vili’s second best of her lifetime.

Cumbá recorded her own season’s best of 19.06m, to reaffirm her own progression, but still couldn’t match Adams-Vili, who had 2 throws over 19 metres -19.41m in her second attempt and 19.15m in her fourth.

Gregório jumps not so far, but still wins

Tyler Christopher sets a Canadian national 400m record of 44.72 in Belem
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The best Brazilian athlete of the moment, Jadel Gregório, delivered another victory in the men’s Triple Jump. His winning performance – 17.40m (-0.3) – and the margin of victory were his shortest of the week, after jumping 17.58m in Rio and 17.46m in Fortaleza.

American Walter Davis, the best in the world last winter with 17.62m, was second, recording his best outdoor competition of the year, capped by a 17.29m (-0.8) sixth jump, after jumping 17.01m on his second attempt. France’s Julien Kapek finished in third place with a good effort of 16.74m (-0.6).

Gregório achieved his winning mark on his first attempt, and after that, passed twice, fouled twice, and recorded a poor result of 16.10m with his fifth. Later he admitted that he had had “an important week, a bit stressing, but now I’m grateful that I was able to maintain all my performances over 17.40m.”

In the men’s Pole Vault, American Brad Walker took the win with his best result of the season, 5.80m, and a great margin over his compatriot Jeff Hartwig, who only vaulted to 5.40m.

Jamaicans continue to succeed

Thirty-three year-old Mardrea Hyman, a former 1500m specialist who converted to the 3000m Steeplechase this season, won in Belém in 9:46.97, her second personal best of the week. Hyman clearly defeated another Jamaican, CAC record holder Korine Hinds, who ran 9:54.99, while Portuguese Anália Rosa was third in 10:11.19.

At the 100m Hurdles, Lacena Golding-Clarke produced a quality time of 12.75 (1.1m/s), to win ahead of Haitian Nadine Faustin, who recorded a season’s best of 12.85, and Poland’s Aurelia Trywianska, who also set a year’s best of 12.93.

Impressive season’s debut for Amertil at 400m

Bahamian Christine Amertil, IAAF World Ranked fifth, had a spectacular debut at the 400m in Belém, and in an excellent race which she won in 50.65, the second best performance in the world of the year so far.

The 25-year-old, seventh in the Olympic final in Athens, has a personal best of 50.17, and in her lifetime has only run six times better than today.

Guyana’s Aliann Pompey and Ireland’s Karen Shinkins produced season’s bests of 51.43 and 51.59 respectively.

National record for Canadian Christopher

The men’s 400m was an exhibition of season’s bests – 7 of the 8 runners set their 2005 bests in Belém – capped by a Canadian national record of 44.72 by Tyler Christopher. The 21-year-old erased the 44.86, two year-old, previous record of Shane Niemi, after coming off from running 44.88 in Rio de Janeiro.

Jamaican Davian Clarke improved to 44.92 and was second, while American Leonard Byrd was third in 45.09.

Lewis and Hackley upset JJ Johnson

After two double victories at 100m and 200m in Rio and Fortaleza, American JJ Johnson was looking for a triple, but in Belém he was clearly surprised by the form of his compatriots Brian Lewis and Jimmie Hackley.

Lewis, yet far from his personal best of 9.99 set in 2002, took the victory in the 100m with 10.22/0.0, while 29 year-old Hackley won in a season’s best of 20.49/0.0.

JJ Johnson was evidently less ready than in Rio and Fortaleza, and finished third at the 100m – 10.28 – and sixth in the 200m – 20.84.

Redelen and Peçanha deliver Brazilian victories

South American record holder at 110m Hurdles, Redelen Melo dos Santos, had an almost perfect race, equalling his season’s best of 13.30 (0.5m/s), to win despite easing-up a bit in the final metres. He won ahead of a quality field containing two Olympic finalists, Redelen left behind compatriot Matheus Inocêncio (13.40), American Joel Brown (season’s best of 13.44), and Jamaican Maurice Wignall (season’s best of 13.50).

In the men’s 800 metres, 22-year-old Fabiano Peçanha, from Rio Grande do Sul, recorded the “A” Standard that enables him to participate at the World Championships of Helsinki. After closely following Tanzanian Samuel Mwera during the first lap, Peçanha pressed at the 500m mark, but was only able to assure the victory in his final strides with 1:45.40 in a close fought battle. Mwera was second in 1:45.52, in a photo-finish final, while Osmar dos Santos was third with 1:45.62, and Canadian Ashraf Tadili was fourth with 1:45.65.

Good victories by Mothersill, Chirchir and Burnett

Cayman’s Cydonie Mothersille produced her season’s best at 200m, with a winning time of 22.72 (0.0m/s), the third best on the 2005 lists. Brazilian Lucimar de Moura was second in 22.86, and also guaranteed her ticket for Helsinki.

Kenya’s William Chirchir won a competitive men’s 1500m in 3:39.30 ahead of compatriot Benson Esho (3:40.11), while Guyana’s Marian Burnett took the women’s 800m in 2:01.76.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

Grande Premio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo Belém 22-May-2005

Results	MEN

Official Result Men - 100 Metres - Race 1 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Lewis Brian USA 10.22
2 Frater Michael JAM 10.26
3 Johnson Joshua J. USA 10.28
4 de Lima Vicente BRA 10.33
5 Domingos André BRA 10.37
6 Souza Cláudio Roberto BRA 10.37
7 de Oliveira Raphael BRA 10.43
8 Pacheco Bruno BRA 10.45

Official Result Men - 200 Metres - Race 1 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Hackley Jimmie USA 20.49
2 Domingos André BRA 20.55
3 Pacheco Bruno BRA 20.57
4 Demeritte Dominic BAH 20.63
5 Williams Christopher JAM 20.70
6 Johnson Joshua J. USA 20.84
7 Sena Jorge Célio BRA 20.94
8 Brown Joel USA 20.95

Official Result Men - 400 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Christopher Tyler CAN 44.72
2 Clarke Davian JAM 44.92
3 Byrd Leonard USA 45.09
4 McDonald Michael JAM 45.21
5 dos Santos Anderson Jorge BRA 45.41
6 Parrela Sanderlei Claro BRA 46.00
7 Ambrosio Luís BRA 46.55
8 Davis James USA 47.91

Official Result Men - 800 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Peçanha Fabiano BRA 1:45.40
2 Mwera Samwel TAN 1:45.52
3 dos Santos Osmar Barbosa BRA 1:45.62
4 Tadili Achraf CAN 1:45.65
5 Davide Kleberson BRA 1:46.65
6 Botha Werner RSA 1:48.61
7 González José Manuel VEN 1:49.19
8 Gomes Diego Chargal BRA 1:49.41
9 Bonfim Everton BRA 1:49.51

Official Result Men - 1500 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Chirchir William KEN 3:39.30
2 Esho Benson Marrianyi KEN 3:40.11
3 de Souza Hudson BRA 3:41.21
4 Thie James GBR 3:42.04
5 Piedra Byron ECU 3:44.45
6 Fernandes Joao Paulo BRA 3:45.50
7 de Santana André BRA 3:46.52
8 Price Leonardo ARG 3:47.10
9 dos Santos Cícero BRA 3:50.46
10 Pessoa Ricardo BRA 3:54.59
11 De Oliveira Silva Sebastiao BRA 3:56.79
12 Stingelin João Augusto BRA DNF

Official Result Men - 110 Metres Hurdles - Race 1 Wind:+0.5m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 dos Santos Redelén BRA 13.30
2 Inocêncio Mateus Facho BRA 13.40
3 Brown Joel USA 13.44
4 Wignall Maurice JAM 13.50
5 Villar Paulo COL 13.51
6 da Silva Anselmo BRA 13.52
7 de Souza Éder Antonio BRA 14.18

Official Result Men - Pole Vault - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Walker Brad USA 5.80
2 Hartwig Jeff USA 5.40
3 Buciarski Piotr DEN 5.20
4 da Silva Fábio Gomes BRA 5.20
5 Benítez Javier ARG 5.00
6 Martins Henrique BRA 5.00
Pauli Jacob USA NM

Official Result Men - Triple Jump - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind
1 Gregório Jadel BRA 17.40 -0.3
2 Davis Walter USA 17.29 -0.8
3 Kapek Julien FRA 16.74 -0.6
4 Dias Jefferson BRA 16.39 -0.5
5 da Costa Marcelo BRA 15.91 +0.6
6 Rentería Alvin COL 15.57 -0.5
dos Santos Leonardo Elisário BRA NM

Results	WOMEN

Official Result Women - 200 Metres - Race 1 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Mothersill Cydonie CAY 22.72
2 Moura Lucimar Aparecida BRA 22.86
3 McDonald Beverly JAM 22.98
4 Dowdie Peta-Gaye JAM 23.13
5 Pillay Geraldine RSA 23.42
6 da Costa Raquel Martins BRA 23.63
7 Neto Rosemar Maria BRA 24.05
8 Ignâcio Thatiana Regina BRA 24.33

Official Result Women - 400 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Amertil Christine BAH 50.65
2 Pompey Aliann GUY 51.43
3 Shinkins Karen IRL 51.59
4 Wittstock Estie RSA 52.35
5 Almirão Maria Laura BRA 52.41
6 González Norma COL 52.74
7 Coutinho Geisa Aparecida BRA 52.82
8 Dias Amanda Fontes BRA 53.45

Official Result Women - 800 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Burnett Marian GUY 2:01.76
2 Ballentine Michelle JAM 2:01.80
3 Vriesde Letitia SUR 2:02.57
4 dos Santos Christiane Ritz BRA 2:03.01
5 Mendes Luciana de Paula BRA 2:06.68
6 Bispo Da Silva Rejane Ester BRA 2:11.04

Official Result Women - 3000 Metres Steeplechase - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Hyman Mardrea JAM 9:46.97
2 Hinds Korene JAM 9:54.99
3 Rosa Analía POR 10:11.19
4 Lobo Patrícia BRA 10:29.50
5 de Jesús Gisele BRA 10:32.49
6 Heitling Sabine BRA 10:40.64
7 Peralta María ARG 10:48.44
8 Souza Edna BRA 11:02.23

100 Metres Hurdles - Women Wind: +1.1 m/s

1 Golding-Clarke Lacena            JAM      12.75
2 Faustin-Parker Nadine            HAI      12.85
3 Trywianska Aurelia               POL      12.93
4 Bliss Andrea                     JAM      13.11
5 Machado Maíla Paula              BRA      13.29
6 Merlano Briggite                 COL      13.56
7 Rocha Silva Isabel               BRA      13.78
8 Moraes Fabiana                   BRA      13.98

Official Result Women - 400 Metres Hurdles - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Demus Lashinda USA 53.56
2 Glover Sandra USA 54.09
3 Teodoro Lucimar BRA 56.34
4 Torshina-Alimzhanova Natalya KAZ 56.85
5 França Luciana BRA 58.19
6 dos Santos Perla Regina BRA 58.58

Official Result Women - Triple Jump - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind
1 Smith Trecia JAM 14.81 +0.7
2 Lee Suzette JAM 14.08 -0.3
3 Costa Keila BRA 13.79 -0.8
4 Zagacka Liliana POL 13.68 +0.8
5 Solomon Mariana ROM 13.62 +0.4
6 dos Santos Luciana BRA 13.29 -0.8
7 Ibarguen Caterine COL 13.16 -0.3
8 Felix Laurice Cristina BRA 12.81 -0.3

Official Result Women - Shot Put - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Vili Valerie NZL 19.41
2 Cumbá Yumileidi CUB 19.06
3 Khoroneko Natalia BLR 18.38
4 González Misleydis CUB 17.94
5 Heaston Kristin USA 17.59
6 Pereira Andrea Maria BRA 16.21
7 Zaharchuk Oksana UKR 15.77
8 Soares Josiane BRA 14.61