anyone know where to get b1 b6 b12 injectables in australia?

B12 is available over the counter in Chemists under the name ‘Neo-Cytamen 1000’. Manufacturer is DBL (David Bull Laboratories) Each 1 ml contains 1000 mcg equivalent to anhydrous hydroxocobalamin. Intramuscular. Can’t recall the cost (maybe $8?), but each box contains 2 ampoules. Sorry but I’m not sure about B1 and B6.

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yeh i went to a pharmacy and they said thats all they had $9.50 for 2.

but know one seems to have heard of any other injectible forms of vitamins.

I’m sure this isn’t as effective but what do you think of this B12 product:


It sure is cheap. I might just buy it for the hell of it.

I was also thinking of getting these:


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but ive been told that the ijections are much better. so hopefully ill one day build up the guts to try it :slight_smile:

I just ordered some B12, need some help with dosages, frequency of injections, and needle size. I’m assuming maybe a 1" insulin needle would be good. I used B12 injections 15 years ago, I remember I really liked it but don’t remember how to use it.

Charlie mentioned before 1inj/week of like 1,000mcg (may be incorrect) during periods of intense loading.

Now from what I remember B12 is supposed to help with protein and fat metabolism.(If I am wrong please say so. Its been a while since nutrition). Do you guys feel that injectible B12 gives any noticeable benefits over oral supplementation? Also, what effects do people notice when using injectible B12?

Well it would most definitely be better than oral based on absorption, but the question is whether it is worth it price wise (not super cheap when you factor in needles, alcohol, cotton swabs etc.) for the marginal benefit. People notice more energy and feeling better specifically, but often these people lack b12 in their diets or are way over-stressed or overtrained. Give it a try if the cost and needle fear isn’t a big deal (prob. the biggest one for some of us).

Oral b-12 sucks from my experience. Now davan, how much is needles, alcohol, and cotton swabs? Like a couple bucks?

Not sure, probably more than a couple bucks for needles (could be grossly wrong though). Haven’t really looked into it.

I’m gonna buy a bunch of syringes and inject everyone with b12 at meets. I be like “IT’S B12 I SWEAR”. lol

hahahaha that would be perfect… you gotta make sure they go nuts and punch someone’s grandma right after for the full effect.

I find the injectable B12 to sound VERY beneficial for those who work long hours or anyone who is doing constant training. When i get away from the fear i wouldnt mind trying it