Aziz Zakari's 10.00

Aziz Zakari looked so good in the 100m winning in 10.00. The wind was OK , but I’m not sure about the kind of surface they were running on. Why doesn’t he pull it out in the big meets. I mean ever since he made the final in the olympics and he hasn’t been improving much. I believe ( unlike a lot others ) that the Olympic 100m Will be a VERY open race. Maybe more than in Paris!

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Stadium record is 9.85s (i think) - so surface must be fairly good.

Ato had a poor start this time… he got 8th.

Ato was nearly bet by the current LJ champ.hes not at the races at all.zakari finished very very strong,stallion but bottles at the majors just like henry neal!!

The wheather wasn’t that good though. You saw how it started to rain heavily later on in the meet.

Zakari is a good sprinter but he never comes good in majors…I went through a little Anti Zakari spell last year. Those who recorded European and Golden League meets would see Zakari attempt to set others off around him to set off the false start system. I have one particular tape where he blatantly tries to set of the sensor but got caught by the fast gun and got left in the blocks trailing in his own cheat dust. I don’t have an ouce of respect for athletes who try to f you up at the start because they are scared of good/fast starters.

I have that Stockholm meet on tape. I think he did something like that at the first start. I’ll watch it again and tell you. Man you Jason you really know how to watch things don’t you. :smiley:

Ah you know me fast! I’m a student of the sport! :smiley:
I watch everyone in a race…every movement…every block ritual…then i take all the best parts and make it my own…thats how you improve :wink:

Watching videos with such care has got me to know great things. You just need to observe and you’ll always learn something new. One of these things would be the front slow preview!! Look at any of the greats slow previews from the front. Check out the toes. You can always see the sole of the spikes somewhere after a few strides. It gives an indication of the tucking they do with their foot at the recovery phase. Watch it and pretend you have a Camera infront of you where you want to show it the sole of your foot. See how much tucking it is and how emphasised it is. Thats one thing, But I really do get a LOT of things out of videos. So thats a very good way to go Jason.

Ohh by the way, nice name there. Might give some hints there of the future :wink: