Cool idea!

can i get this as my avatar?

cool. you brought a thought to my head. (I am excited, because this rarely happens), but we all should upload pictures of ourselves so we can know who we are talking to.

actually thats not my pic…pheeewww to that!!! but it is a pic of another board member…name that face!

LOL. Which brings me to another idea. Watch out JOEL!!

heres the real nightmare4d…

Kyle, I found you an avatar :slight_smile:


It’s a beauty!

I take it you didn’t like it then :o

that was tooooo funny dcw!!!:sing:

I tried to get a picture off myself on here last night but I was logged out. I dont know which one to choose from. I think I might put a picture of myself proposing to a bear. :sing: Nightmare your looking GQ :smiley:

how do you get a pic up on here. I read another thread, but didn’t understand how to upload to the site.


start a post like usual but at the bottom where it says “attachment” hit the blue “browse” button, then look for the file on your hard drive. select the file then make your post…at least thats how i did it.

by the way, that other picture is none other than hollywood diet pimp HERB!!!

thanks tim, i can be GQ when there are cameras around.

by the way, that other picture is none other than hollywood diet pimp HERB!!!

He’s all nostrils and gel in that pic isn’t he :smiley:

Viking, were you asking about attaching a pic or setting up an avatar? If the former than Nighty answered it well.

I was talking about an avatar

I have big nostrils? How did you get that picture anyways? I may have to go :karate: on all of you. Do I use too much gel??:slight_smile:

Viking, you simply need an image to be stored somewhere on the internet. You enter the URL into the “Avatar URL” field on your profile.

Herb, let’s be positive you will be able to breath well when your hurdling and your hair won’t get messed up. Perfect for the post race interview when you win Nationals. :smiley:

i want to put a pic of myself on my avatar. does anyone know of any free site that you can post your pic on, that will let you use it as an avatar? thanks in advance

Yes, you’re on one. Send your picture to “info@charliefrancis.com” and we’ll get your picture online in no time.


Im having touble getting mine up. Admin and box comes up with an x though it:(


That image is actually be traced. I just got a notification about it…be careful not to use copywritten avatars…public domain stuff is fine.