Australian stars get ugly with each other (at the casino)

Two Australian athletic stars got into an ugly argument over a couch in their living quarters at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

John Steffensen, who won a gold medal in the 400 meters, confronted another gold medalist, hammer thrower Stuart Rendell, and other athletes, the Melbourne Herald Sun said. Steffensen had been celebrating his victory with a night at a casino.

He wanted to take them all on. It was getting pretty ugly, a witness told the newspaper.

The newspaper reported that the source of the disagreement was a couch that was moved from Steffensen’s room to a common room.

Steffensen’s father, Russell, dismissed the argument as manly stuff.

Competitors are competitors, he said. They’re like warriors.

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  • I say we bring back the old days of denis vs adenikan! Let’s all get the track meet over and let’s get back to the hotel lobby as soon as we can for some WWE!!! Bring on the couches! Good to see they are doing Aus proud. Go get em boys (i mean each other).

Steffensen wanted to take on a guy twice his size who later that night broke the Com Games hammer throw record! He’d have wanted to make his first punch a good one . . .

his first and only one I suspect :rolleyes:

Yeah but he’d only need one, i won my last fight by 100m…

and i am betting that John would win by a bit more than that…

Steffensen wanted to take on a guy twice his size who later that night broke the Com Games hammer throw record! He’d have wanted to make his first punch a good one . . .

Do not forget that he used to be a boxer! The size does not matter if you know how to punch and take a punch or more importantly avoid a punch! I would put my money on little skinny bloke in this case regardless of the size of the big bloke…khhmm but we will never know don’t you think? :slight_smile:

You spelled the word wrong. It’s FLIGHT!

Ahhhh you guys, I hear that Rendell is all talk. He apparently is known for trying to stir shit on teams. Tried to do shit like that and gang up with other throwers on some younger sprinters in 2000 in South Africa. Pity the two sprinters dropped them throwers like bags of shit they are! Yeah thats right, the sprinters took out the throwers!!!

You guys who have been away on tour on senior teams, do you feel that it is constantly the older athletes on the team who are in non glamourous events, that always look to pick on the younger athletes???

p.s. i say go John, id put my money on John to win, as Rendell also has a habit of backing down once the “unlikely competitor” threatens to majorly take it further than he is willing to go.

Jesus Murphy!! I don’t care how tough you THINK you are, ultimately, it’s a matter of physics. The truck wins out over the Miata every time there’s a crash. You don’t like these odds- stay away.

Well in most circumstances I think you would be right but I don’t think Hoyce Gracie (85kg) took much notice of your words when he triangle choked Dan Severn (120kg) in the UFC and won by submission.

Bruce Lee weighed all of 130 pounds and I don’t think many would disagree that he was the most dangerous man on the planet.

You’re right - stay away. For me, it’s not because the odds suggest the bigger guy will come off better, but rather the consequences outweigh any possible egotistical gain.

Well put Vic :cool:

indeed that is very true charlie, but what if the the monster truck is actually driven by a scared mouse that has had a habit of running away? also some of those big guys know they can pack a punch but the thought of taking it and not just one! go the underdog i say!!! hehehe let’s get some UFC back into sprinting.

hey charlie did ben ever get into any scuffles? give us the low down.

did ben make lennox lewis choke???

Bruce Lee, the most dangerous man on the planet? He couldn’t hold a candle to Dick Cheney et al! (read the 9/11 thread)

Now thats a fact!


Only cause Lewis decided to wrestle and not box!