Australian National titles

Hey guys,
Haven’t posted for a while, been busy training!!
Just thought I’d run my training and progression by the members to see if you have any thoughts.

After coming across the CFTS and ST in august 02, I have tried as best as I can to apply these principles to my training as I havent run a PB since 97 (100m - 10.61).

However after some very encouraging training results I’m quiet excited about the prospect of running a PB (LONG OVER DUE!!!) at our up coming national titles (thursday week, 4-7 April).

The information and knowledge I have picked up from reading these two books (I’ve watched the CFTS video’s from I think Nov 02 as well) has been instrumental in not only getting results when I was ready to quit the sport but also this is the first time EVER I have been injury free now for 16 weeks!!!In the past I’ve broken down after 5-6 weeks of speed training (usually hamstring tears). So, in saying that I really have to thank C.F. for letting people like myself have access to this type of information, it has been priceless!!

Anyway back to the training times, as I said National champs in 2 weeks from today, so will start 7 day taper in 1 week from now (seven day instead of 10 as I don’t think I’ve completed enough speed endurance sessions to be strong enough to complete the 10 day).

General training week in the last three has consisted of:

1 x acceleration session (30m) (300m per session total)
1 x alactic session ( 0-60m)(3-400m per session)
1 x speed endurance type 1 (60-100m)( 4-600m per session)
3 x tempo sessions (each speed session has been seperated by a tempo session @ <75%, 2000m per session)

3 x power session in gym (clean, squat, leg press, bench press), these sessions completed in the morning of speed sessions, speed sessions completed 3-4 hours after gym.
1-2 massages per week.

Now, the times that I’ve achieved are hand held and taken from first movement:

30m - consistantly 3.6sec
60m - 6.6 to 6.4sec
70m - 7.5 to 7.4sec
80m - 8.5 to 8.4 sec

Now, based on these times, is it realistic to think a PB for 100m is coming? I have been training pretty hard for these titles and I’ve been keeping an eye on times being run by other sprinters, I’m thinking it is going to take a 10.50 to 10.60 to make the final, meaning having to run a PB to make it.

Any thoughts from the members will be much appreciated.

Also, I’ve noticed of late that after completing a heavy leg workout (sets of 3-4RM squat and leg press) with 3-4 hours recovery before speed session, my times have been really quick, actually PB quick!! I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this and whether it would make sense to complete maybe 2-3 max RM lifts with full recovery the morning of the heats and finals?

Once again I thank Charlie for providing his wisdom in a way that struggling sprinters like myself can better understand how it all works!!!

Who are you training with Justin? What are your PB’s?

Hey Dazed,

I included my PB for 100m (10.61sec) but I haven’t run times like that since 97, but in saying that in the last two weeks I have broken my PB for 60m, 70m, and 80m in training, twice for each distance. I’m trying to err on the side of caution and stick to the less is more theory in order to stay injury free.

therofore PB’s = 60m - 6.5sec
70m - 7.4sec
80m - 8.4sec
100m - ??? (hopefully in next two weeks!!!)

Oh, I used to have two training parters but the both of them have recently moved away, Brad (one of the training partners) put me on to C.F. training principles and I havent looked back. I’, hoping this year to make national finals, but next year after another 12 months of training correctly, who knows!!! As I’ve said I’ve only been training for one 12 week block for these national titles and I’m on PB form (I thinK!!)


Congrats on your improvements, Justin.
What city are you in?

I’m in Townsville, North Queensland, so pretty isolated from the top guys, and currently in third year of sport and exercise science degree so money for trips away to Grand Prixs is hard to come by!!!