Aussies 3:01.52; 3:02.53

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Sharmer Wrote: “If you look at John’s international performances, they’re on another league compared to anyone else in the country (M 400s). Last season in Canberra, Wroe ran 45.3 and talked himself up. Look at what happened at the STC - he got flogged!”

Sharma - here you go again. Anothert blatant untruth to paint someone else as something they are not.

Sean Wroe is a terrific unassuming bloke, multilingual, well educated and definitely not one to talk himself up. He ran a PB of 45.2 at Osaka and then backed up to run in the relay, whilst Steffenson wouldn’t run. He supports the domestic competition by running most of the Grand prix and State Titles. He was there on Sunday helping the A squad to a credible 3-01.56.

My young quarter miler Clay Watkins, is an admirer of Sean Wroe because Sean goes out of his way to talk him, ask him how he’s going, encouraging, etc.

To belittle Sean Wroe, our reigning national 400m champ is just disgraceful.

btw, There was no title on the line at the STC. He didn’t get flogged at the nationals. He won the gold medal.

I wonder what John Steffenson thinks of your Wroe comment…

Really, Steffenson would much better off without this Sharma fella dagging around. I can’t help thinking that since Vic Sharma has been on the scene, jumping around like Chester (to Spike aka Steffenson) in that clever Looney Tunes cartoon, JS hasn’t competed and he has alienated most of the aths fratenity for his off track behaviour.

Here’s the web reference to Chester and Spike, aka Sharma and Steffenson on

“Empty vessels make the most noise”.

TOPCAT - It seems Youngy wants to continue the pissing match from the other closed thread. I won’t respond other than the use of a subtle proverb. Lets not have this thread end with the same fate. I have moderated my tone in response to N-tasty plea. However the same cannot be said of others at this stage.

Empty Vessels hey,

Any relation to Keppler Vessels, the cricketer?

Here’s another one, I reckon might be more appropriate.

“Those With Empty Trophy Cabinets Make the Most Noise.”

Yes and…“Speech is silver, silence is golden”… " Let bygones by bygones"… and usually “barking dogs seldom bite”…:rolleyes:

Hey Chester,

So much for not responding. :smiley:

I knew you couldn’t help yourself.

General prep in the middle of January?
As Chevy Chase said in CaddyShack. “We don’t live in Russia do we? Do we Danny?”

So will we have to wait until next season to see you hammer them off your 13.25m? A bit more mediocrity on your Sydney to Hobart prep and by then you might get 15.00m. :smiley:

I don’t mind speaking in proverbs…“He laughs best who laughs last” :smiley:… my empty vessel.

Won Gosford gift from 4m, 2nd Campbelltown 12.4 8.75m. … won 70 Mingara 7.31 … “Give the devil his due”

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