Asafa 9.94 (-0.5), Felix 23.00 Aviva London Grand Prix London (Day 1)

Asafa runs a 9.94 final into a -0.5 headwind, a 10.06 heat (-1.0)

Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Asafa Powell JAM 9.94 20
2 Marc Burns TRI 9.97 16
3 Michael Frater JAM 10.00 14
4 Richard Thompson TRI 10.01 12

Surprise of the day (i think):

1 Sherone Simpson JAM 22.70 20
2 Bianca Knight USA 22.79 16
3 Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie BAH 22.84 14
4 Allyson Felix USA 23.00

Allyson 23.00 (-1.2)

金牌 Asafa Powell (牙買加) 9.94
銀牌 Marc Burns (千里達) 9.97

I am just not convinced that Powell is ready to race Bolt and Gay even though he ran 9.94. Top-end speed is simply not there.

Why did you post that chinese link?
Well he beat bolt already and gay should be the one you should have doubts with. I doubt he comes back in 9.70 shape. Asafa is just getting better with each race.

i thought i read somewhere it was -1.5 guess not. great run by frater though

he looked extremelly relaxed all the way through, didnt even cared about the competition

how the hell do you stay that relaxed throughout the acceleration?

Maybe not such a surprise, when you consider THIS:

Since June 27 and through July 26 (assuming she isn’t scratched from the 100 in London), Allyson will have raced:

7 races (4 100m, 3 200m) in the US Olympic Trials
Rome GL
Stockholm 400m against Sanya (Allyson 3rd)
London 200
London 100 prelims
London 100 finals

That’s 12 races in a month. Also, her boyfriend’s (Kevin Ferguson) Dad died of lung cancer in May and her Mom has had neck surgery recently. That’s an awful lot of stress, and I think it shows.

And notice it isn’t just Allyson. You didn’t mention Shawn Crawford (almost DFL in the 100 B race), and others. A part of the issue is that USA Track and Field declared that athletes wanting to compete in the relays in Baijing were required to compete in Stockholm and/or London, and there’s also a required relay training camp starting on 8/5 (might be off by a day). An awful lot of required competing considering the high stress of the Olympic Trials.

I’m just afraid that USATF has figured out a way to accomplish the same results as Athletics Australia.

powell’s interviewer there says -1.5m/s also

Why did you post that chinese link?
Well he beat bolt already and gay should be the one you should have doubts with. I doubt he comes back in 9.70 shape. Asafa is just getting better with each race.

Why did I…? If you do not care to click on it why would you care to comment on it?

Since our friend Thor (who had regular updates on various races on his web page) - THIS CHINESE link is BY FAR the best website where one can get videos to watch! That’s why I have posted this link. :slight_smile:

To call it limping would be an overstatement but there is an assymmetry in the gait of AF visible, very much so in the Stockholm race towards the end (maybe not on a small screen webcast/youtube but definitively on a tv).
Why would they have her race in London then you may ask. Well, perhaps she had some chiro treatment after Stockholm and they thought the problem was solved.

Day 2 200m results for men
Bolt crushed in 19.76 after shutting down about 10m early.
Spearman was far back in 20.27 with a 0,4 headwind
Not sure what to make of American results since the trials. Assumedly they’re still recovering from the trials and just getting paid before the big show. The interesting point here is how universal it is for the US team with the exeption of Wariner and Merritt. Since it is so common, they should be ok for Beijing. You always look for patterns when judging things.

Also a note to say it has been confirmed that Tyson Gay has been with Dr Muller Wolfhart while in Germany, so it’s safe to say he’s had the best care possible and shoud be ready for Beijing barring any further setback. i’m sure he did the right thing to stay out of London.

Wow 20.55 for Rodney Martin, how does running 4 200s destroy your body that much? Powell ran 4 100s and another 2 100s in the relay last year, then came to Italy a week later and set a world record. Somethings not right…they’ve had more than enough time even if they ran 2 events.

also whats with the wind readings. Its 0.0 for both heats and the finals! :eek:

for womens 100m

How much does that set you back ($) ?

Assuming of course that you don’t have the same idiots making the same mistakes with everyone.

It will be interesting to compare the Beijing results for Walter Dix with the others. He’s the one guy who is not playing ball with the USATF authorities (already in the 100 and 200, so he might not even want to run the relay), and appears to be resting/training, not racing.

US sprinters have the coming week to rest, then the next week includes the required relay camp.

I’m not sure what the USATF authorities have to do with anything but the relays. Was London mandatory for the US relay team?

BTW: Ralph Mann has branched out from his usual talk about how all coaches are wrong and is now claiming that Tyson can’t do it. Tyson should be comforted by the fact that Mann is wrong about virtually everything he ever says!

When did martin travel over? Jet lag?

Stockholm and/or London was mandatory for those wanting to run on the relay.

Dr. Müller Wohlfahrt is one of the best out there. I have a book lying next to me from him :slight_smile: