Artificial Sweeteners

Anybody use theses? I’m thinking about getting some Stevia or Splenda to give the old oatmeal some taste. Thoughts?

I use equal. Unless your a phenylketonuric than it’s fine. I would use splenda but it’s too expensive.

why not use some brown sugar?

Why not use some flavoured protein shake and stir it in the oatmeal? That’s a trick one of my NFL clients showed me. It doesn’t taste bad actually!

I do this at times. Make sure you make the oatmeal a little runnier than normal, to allow the portein to mix.

If needed…honey - a natural sweetner. From organic bees if possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s gotta be a quite a bit runnier. I can barely stir my oatmeal with a spoon after I cook it. I’ll give it a try though.

Organic bees that are only allowed to pollenate organic flowers… is the best I think…

That’s the word I have been looking for recently…thanks :slight_smile: I been explaining to a client of mine, about the negative side effects of using this stuff, especially among young adolescents who already consume enought of it form their cola drinks, and I couldn’t remember the exact word. thanks agian…

The oatmeal and casein protein mix is a staple!

Vito - maybe I misunderstood your post, but unless your client has phenylketonuria there is no bad effect from these artificial sweeteners. One won’t get the dangerous buildup of phenylalanine without the disease. Also, to the best of my knowledge, the bladder ca’s that the rats get when given megadoses are a result of the sweetener, or a byproduct, precipitating in their urinary tracts, which is a result of their ability to acidify the urine to levels that we can’t -> it won’t happen to us, a rat only thing.

Yes, you have to have PHK to have these effects. The side effects I am aware of, are the types of euphoric (highs) sensations adolescents (especially) get when drinking colas.

Stick with natural sweetner like Stevia which is basically calorie free if that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t reallly trust the artifical ones esp Splenda which was discovered by accident when this foreign graduate student was told to test it by his professor but he misunderstood test for taste so he/she tasted it!

LC Grow! mixed with oatmeal tasted great but i ditched it for 50/50 micellar casien and WPI with Stevia from True Protein. Not as quite tasty but good enough as long as I throw in anything that’s -berries and a piece of banana. Oh yeah a couple TBS of coconut milk powder and use the blender! I throw in some ice (it tastes better when cold).

What won’t kill us immediately is good enough for FDA apparently. Just because it doesn’t have immediate adverse effect on us, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. There’s no telling what’s gonna happen in the long run. Sweet n Low has been around for 100 years and it’s much safer than Aspartame that hasnt been around that long and has gotten alot more compliants. There’s no telling on Splendra since it’s been only 5 years and it’s already everywhere. Time will tell. Our body can only handle so much synthetic crap these days…

I have oatmeal every morning, however I don’t have any protein powder. I add frozen rasberries to the oatmeal, or I add organic strawberries, peaches, kiwis, and apples. After this, I eat an organic tangerine. Damn I am hungry now but I cannot eat.

Dude! That is high ratio of carbs to proteins (and fat)! If I ate like that, I’d get hungry fairly quickly! Try to add some protein like eggs, beef, ckicken, etc if you don’t have protein powder!

I know, I was just talking about the oatmeal, i typically have eggs with the oatamel

can you add frozen berries w/o the oatmeal turning colors. It’s not really a problem, it’s just that you want your food to look nice sometimes. Also is there a way to ripen bananas w/o brown spots. I buy groceries at the Evil Empire, and sometimes they’ll be brown spots inside before they ripen. Never use to happen at the local grocery.

The oatmeal stays the same color as long as you don’t mash up the rasberries and spread them out

Mine turns pink when I turn the blender on! :smiley:

Evil Empire??? :confused: