Arch cramping

For the past few years I have been suffering from severe cramping of my arches when I sprint… I have been told it was due to having fairly high arches so trainers have just taped them… anyone got any input on this or a similar situation???

If you could provide us with more info:

  • What kind of shoes are you sprinting in?
  • What kind of surface are you running on - hard or soft?
  • What kind of sprint volume are you undertaking - per workout?
  • What are you doing on your off days (i.e. jogging on concrete, massive depth jumps, etc.)?
  • Have you had your calves worked on by a massage therapist lately?

I run in mainly nike shoes(Nike Zoom Rivals) but i have just ordered asics cyberflash, the surface is fairly soft, my volume is only like 300m’s at the max right now. my days off I dont really do much try to rest and relax. I give myself ice massages on my lower legs every day and soak my feet in ice water for about 15 min… also my senior year in high school i fractured 2 of the joints where your toes connect to ur foot (balls?)

The only time it really happens is when im compete :confused: i think this might be due to the intense pressurse put on my feet durring racing