anyone use Cytosport products?

question for the crew:

i am taking a good long look at the “cytosport” line of products as we are thinking about bringing them into our store. i had used the old cytomax (when it was still made by champion) but havent used any of their line since the company split.

some of their products look interesting, one thing i was suprised at is their recovery product that has 28 gms protein, 18 gms of carbs and 18gms of fat!!!

anyone used any of their products? if so can you lend give me any feedback. thanks in advance.


I had used cytomax when it was under the Champion Nutrition label.

I am unfamiliar with the new products added since the split to the cytosport line.

-was always happy with the quality and taste of champion products (except Met Max- tasted like gasoline)

-they are one of the few companies the manufacture in house (vast majority of products)

i use cytomax-
i think its a good product, given that i wont touch gatorade or any other “sports drink” you can buy at a quick stop. the one product your talking about with all the fat in it is called muscle milk- its ok,nothing revolutionary imo

Joint matrix?


I think cytomax is a good carb/electrolyte drink - I’d rate it a little higher than gatorade, and above most others. The convienience of the powder is nice, too. I’m very active outside in the Summer months with work, and my evening training (weights or sprint training) is much better with it’s addition. Granted, it could be in part that I’m simply drinking more, but I like it.

And Metabolol 2 (Champion Nutrition) is still my fav for post-workout. The orange flavor is great.

thanks coach

we decided not to carry the line as there wasnt anything in it that was better or too different from what we already had. thanks for the input from all!

Many elite spinters use Cytomax. In
addition to the electrolytes, it contains
lactic acid buffers. It was developed and patented by George Brooks at UC Berkeley. Dwain Chambers,
Zhanna Block, Kelli White and Chryste
Gaines all use Cytomax during their

The Bat signal is on full power…
How about vpx that make products like crea-ject!?


we dont get VPX’s full line up in Canada, so im not as familiar with it as i might be if they were around. but my first impression is good marketing of products that do the same job as the basics. creatine is creatine, you can pay twice (or more) as much for a fancy transport system (or some other bells and whistles) but get a 2% (if that) increase effect.

stick the basics and remember that they are supplements and thats it. whole food is king.


What do you feel about gpush? I found it to be very effective for training in hot weather.