Any good vitamin products in Europe

Does anyone have some info of good vitamin products that I can get in Europe.
Any brand names or links to net stores would be great.

Wellman products are checked to make sure they’re contaminant (read banned substances) free and I’ve heard good reports but havn’t tried them myself.

I’ve seen Wellmans but never used it and I know some of the UK team and others use Wellmans, but are they sufficient in strength for athletic requirements and very heavy training?
I’m hoping to get Clemsons Step1 to try it out soon.

OK, do you need to double the reccomended dose or anything?

By the way that avatar is distracting!!

I dont wont to sound hysteric or anything, but this wellman contains qinseng and I dont like to use anyking of stimulants(caffeine, ephedrine,)so whats the deal with qinseng how it works. I mean does it work like caffeine and ephedrine as a stimulant.

Just don`t wont to end up feeling like I need some stimulant to have great workout or to get my day started.