Any doctors here???

Something weird on my echo of my calf

my movie

4 sec movie.
you see some fluid moving, the therapist never saw something like it before

whoa …

Sometimes with injuries, the radiologist looks for vascular anomalies or a deficit fills with fluid around the site. If it is fluid, it may need to be aspirated. Just speculation on my part, so you need to see the radiologist for an interpretation.

OK Pindaman, It’s clear your body has been invaded and is about to be taken over by alien lifeform … but don’t worry because when the inhabitation is complete you will run the 100 in sub 5sec, 200 in sub 10 and 400 in sub 20. See you in Beijing 2008OG! :slight_smile: Dr. KK

Yeah I felt weird in my calf…
something special is growing there :smiley:
its getting bigger all the time :wink:

now seriously…I’ll have a new check on friday to see if things are getting better.
If thee a new movie…
“the calf” part 2, i’ll show it.

got a new echo today,
no probs with any fluid anymore, so thatts good.

But still some problem with a tendon.
The therapist could still see some irregulatities in the tendon area, so no big explosive work for me yet.

At least things look some better now.

what was the original injury can u give us some background on your situation?

4 weeks ago my soleus cramped up.
did have some trouble in the lower region, but after 2 weesk i noticed some irritation on the tendon area(where achilles become gastrocnemius.) With concentric power excersizes i felt “something”, when running and "toe off"position. So i had it checked out last week(when they noticed the fluid).
Then a weeks rest, well and this is the result now.

I can jog, but feel irritation, i can do some explosive jumps in the pit. or di med bal throws on grass, backwards have no irritation. Throwing forward does give some irritation. Also 10 m accelerations are Ok from rolling start.