ankle sprain recovery

3 or so weeks ago, I badly sprained my ankle. It was very swelled for the first week and a half, which has since subsided, as well as general pain. Now it is functional again, and I can run decently on it. However, based on an anatomy chart, every major ligament in the ankle is still sore. I was wondering if this meant anything in particular, or even better, how i could remedy this.

It hurts specifically when -
i extend my ankle - on medial side of ankle, by achilles,
i flex my ankle - on medial side of ankle, by achilles
i roll foot inward (big toe in to ground, pinkie toe off ground - not at all
i roll foot outward - barely, on outside of ankle just below ball of ankle

any help is greatly appreciated.

Epsom salt or other similar can help you, 15 min.
Light stretching (microstretching) and massage (rubbing) on tibialis/calf/peronierus can help too.

If you have an EMS, a light pulse mode can enhance circulation/dreinage.

Topical cream as BenGay mix with Voltarin (or other NSAID) 50/50 (charlie docet) can promote circulation and have antinflammatory effect.

Search painfull spot (trigger/tender point) on the muscle…

Some specific exercises with elastic band or manual resistence (on flex and ext) are indicated.