Allan Wells

Allan Wells was the speaker at a squad day I was at yesterday. He was in great form and still looks fit.

The thing I took most from it all was the feeling that you should never give up - no matter the odds stacked against you. This determination and will to win was what made Wells a champion. He talked about a Russian sprinter turning up late in the holding pen before the Olympic final in 1980 with an obvious mark where he had just received an injection. Marian Woronin spoke to Allan and seemed phased but Wells just decided not to let this ******* beat him!

Looking back, there were things he would change in his training (he did bounds every day!) but his hard work paid off. And I mean hard work. He showed a video which included a gym sequence. After the session was over he took off his sweaty vest and wrung it out. It looked like Niagra Falls.

Incidentally, he was using EMS from about 77/78 and says it played a part in taking his time down from 10.30 level to 10.15.

would you use EMS on an injury free sportsman to help build etc?

Yes. Not to build muscle, but to build strength.


Strength gains - he talked about turning it up as high as he could stand it.

Ben used EMS for strength building regularly till 1981 as well, and intermittantly after that.

a long time ago I thought he said he used a simple bodybuilding program, something like an Atlas course or a Universal course. Perhaps this is when he was a boy.


can anyone link me to a list of Charlie approved EMS machines, also the link to the proper use of them?